Sophia Love Update - "First Message"

First Message

Published by Sophia Love on September 6th 2017

On September 1st, 2017, I had a conversation with a group from the Pleiades. Part of it is included below.

“We’d like very much to prepare for contact – for humanity to prepare for contact.”

I don’t know what you refer to with the word “prepare”?

We’d like the fear element to be absent from contact. We’d like to be trusted as benevolent.  We’d like to engage in a dialogue of equanimity with all agendas out on the table.

I don’t know that humanity has an agenda beyond contact at this point.

I don’t recognize you. You don’t feel like … anyone specific I’ve dealt with.

Well, we are a rather large group. Some of us, those who ventured in and met your kitten, are your “sisters”.  Yet you are not sensing a specific voice.  This is a conglomerate, working to get a specific message to you.

What is the message?

We haven’t given it yet.  What is said depends very much on the course of this conversation.
Are you prepared to be a messenger?

To what end?

The physical and psychic meeting of our race and yours.

I have been psychically “meeting” with you all for some time. So, in that way, yes, I am prepared.

I have come close to meeting with you physically a few times, yet it has not manifested.

It has not. Some of the reason it has not is due to logistics, some of it apprehension on both sides.
What we’d like to do is offer specific messages and then have you transmit them forward, through your blog and publications.

Some of these messages will contain questions that will seek answers. Some of these will hold information that can be used to prepare for actual physical meetings.

We know that you have joined a group preparing for a specific meeting date.

We do not know if these messages and beings will be a part of that meeting event.

It is all leading to the same thing however – contact.

Would you like the message now?

I would.

Okay then.
“Dear, dear Human,
Please accept our gratitude for your generosity of heart and adventuresome spirit at this moment. It is, for us, a long-anticipated moment.
We will speak regularly to you now – through our beloved sister Sophia.
We would like to say initially that your heart has expanded beyond the confines of earth’s atmospheric realm and astounded us who witness.  It is a privilege to finally get close enough to engage.  We are anxious to learn from you and so very pleased to finally meet you.
With honor and respect, we now depart.”
Okay, is that it?

Yes Sophia. Please share our message and let us watch it reverberate throughout.

Okay, thanks. I must go.

Yes. Goodbye Sophia.

Goodbye my friends.


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