Sophia Love Update - "Earth Chnages Update From 'One'"

Earth Chnages Update From 'One'

Published by Sophia Love on October 25th 2017

October 24 th, 2017 @ 2:30 AM

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is Sophia, yes. It is I. It is One. I contact you now to speak of the coming earth changes, as the time for their arrival approaches.

Hello. Thank you for coming forward. Please continue.

You are seeing and hearing, reading and watching reports, messages and global indications of imminent change.

I say to you, the reason for this is the acceleration of Gaia towards her long-awaited transformation. She is anxious and encouraged finally by humanity's response to the frequency.

It is not immediately catastrophic; yet gradually, shockingly, un-mistakenly new.

Nothing proceeds as expected.

It cannot any longer sustain dense and divisive activation points. As these dis-assemble, they resume functioning at a non-recognizable wave - and as a result nothing holds together.

The breaking is first noticed internally perhaps, with physical discomfort and illness.

It then moves on to interpersonal relationships, which spread in families, neighborhoods, workplaces, towns, cities, states, provinces and countries.

Alliances will be made and broken.

All of this in perfect order and by prior plan.

There is nothing happening now that is not in concert with evolution.

You said you'd speak of earth changes?


The body is a micro-version of the planet. As parts of the body suffer due to stress and new and faster and unrecognized vibration - so does the planet.

You will notice personally that the areas for you that seem out of place or breaking or in pain are those which you've ignored or neglected or attempted to deal with in a polarized, separatist fashion.

It is as much for the planet.

Mankind's focus and prayer has stemmed and even prevented many catastrophes.

Yet it cannot prevent the shift; and Gaia is about to shift.

You've seen the rumblings of her plates as she prepares. And as a dutiful mother she will continue to do so, to forewarn her children of what it to come.

This will not come tomorrow, but be prepared soon as the rumblings increase in frequency.

She has to shake off what refuses to adjust.

There will be, and is now, time to change, to awaken and get ready; as all are invited to participate consciously.

Yet know, dear Sophia, that not all will choose to, and even those among your closest heart will remain in steadfast denial.

The refusal to accept global alteration begins from a place of fear.

It is this place that people will have to move from in order to accompany Gaia to her new home.

Fear has no place there. It remains in the densest most polarized places. Many of these places exist as countries, even continents now.

Awareness of every possibility and location is necessary. All that you've been told until this day holds true.

(Note: With the prior two sentences came a visual of ships in the skies. Sophia)

Will you be more specific?

I will hold the spaces that embody dark practices out as those in need of a physical shake-off.

Others, unknown to the vast majority of humans, are due to rise again. These changes result in land alteration.

These will occur not overnight, but continually for 7 years, before a rest.

(Note: The precise naming of "7 years" is one I also recently heard during a QHHT session. This leads me to either take it as a validation OR as some leak through of my own consciousness. It was a different source, but the number was the same, and what I saw during the QHHT session was the year 2025. Sophia)

There is an intensity point though, and it begins in the near-to-now moment and in the United States.

(Note: The naming of the USA surprised me and again, gives me pause. This being, "One", is not in the habit of being so specific. I consider it necessary for these rather definite dates and places to be considered carefully. Always follow what feels meaningful and accurate for you. Sophia)

This is all that will be said precisely. Know that within, you are aware of where you need to be. Go there, and remain. For that is where your work resides.

This is a message for all who come now to speak for and work for the "light", as well as those labelled "dark". There are opportunities now to alter your course and final destination. Now is approaching one of the last opportunities to do so.

Everything is free will.

This is not a punishment, but a result of planetary choice and evolution and agreement to participate.

Many, many came for just the times that begin in earnest.

You will see now the process of ascension, of choice, of global evolution.

You will witness your new earth in all of her glory and splendor. You will remember your reasons for everything, and see clearly everyone else.

It is then that oneness becomes real and labels are shed.

All of these things you will welcome.

That is all.

Thank you. 


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