What Do We Want To Achieve?


When it comes to Unidentified Flying Objects, secret space programs and high-tech clandestine industries, we are the first to admit that none of us know the whole truth. Due to the incredibly sophisticated veil of secrecy, disinformation and infiltration of this subject matter, it’s been virtually impossible to obtain a consensus within the research community. That said, there is one thing we can ALL agree on – that simply put, we seek, and deserve, the TRUTH.


After evaluating the testimonies of whistleblowers, the official documentation of researchers and the millions of credible observer sightings, it is clear that these unidentified crafts are based on very advanced technology and that many are operated by our own governments and their contractors. The evidence further suggests that while anti-gravity tech is decades old, many new inventions have been discovered behind closed doors since then, including clean water treatment, free energy generation and even healing technologies that can allow us to cure diseases instead of merely treating their symptoms. As a result, the technology to completely change our planet for the better is already HERE! Our objective is to have these technologies released to the entire world at large, immediately.


Wealth inequality today has never been greater as the wealthiest 62 people on our planet are worth more than HALF of the world’s population combined. The answer to global peace and prosperity lies NOT in giving paper money to the underprivileged as that only provides a temporary stopgap before they are disadvantaged once again. The answer lies in releasing the highly advanced technology that governments have been sequestering.

This will guarantee not only basic survival, but a truly prosperous long-term future for EVERYONE on this planet.

For millennia, a genuine scarcity of resources caused local and world wars, costing millions of lives. The great irony of our modern times is that the masses believe this scarcity still exists yet the reality is that we now live in a world with technology that can create abundance for ALL. As such, the only issue remaining is bringing about the transparency of information necessary to free these technologies up for widespread manufacture and distribution.

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