Sophia Love Update - "Third Message"

Third Message

Published by Sophia Love on September 13th 2017

“I’d like to speak to those who’ve been transmitting messages through the Pleiadian Pipeline.  Is there a message now?”

There is.

Is this the time to give it?

It is.

We will do so then. Thank you, Sophia, for being a conduit.

“Dear, dear human,
We are enjoying very much your correspondence as answers and considering each and carefully.  This is a new process for us.

We’ve watched your race and anxiously await a moment of full interaction, as well as sharing of ideas and ways of being.

As to your specific questions, we see that there are many and in some cases, personal.

We’d like to offer to those of you who feel ready to do so, personal contact. This can be realized in the same method in which Sophia and us connect – telepathic. What must occur is belief and allowing. Everyone has the ability. Sophia is in contact with a group forming telepathy centers.  We suggest contacting one of those.

If not possible due to locale, then personal contact is suggested.

Some of you desire healing. Let us tell you about our healing chambers and rays. For us, these are available as a matter of course and daily life.  In some, if not most places, they are emitted as you walk in the door.

Healing is not so much called for as our bodies are constantly restored.

The human, we have learned through Sophia, is quite a complex being.  These rays have been utilized in Sophia’s case for quite some time and yet there has not been a dramatic youthful restoration – but some, and maintenance for sure. We will leave that story for Sophia.

As this is an introductory process and has immediately become personal and individual; we’ll say this. Those of you with specific and personal requests, please reach out independently and telepathically.

Those of you with global and societal requests, list them here.

We would like this pipeline to begin an information exchange.  To that end, we have a request/ques
What do you feel most anxious about?
We see your questions expand through a wide range of topics.  We see that anxiety is the most prominent barrier to complete health and full restoration.  We are in a process of learning to perfect our technology for the complete rejuvenation that occurs for us.  Your answers will assist.

We are so very excited to feel you in your words and look forward to mind to mind contact.
It is an honor to engage.

Thank you.”
Thank you.

There are a few things to mention. One is the group referred to is found on Facebook, here:

It was a video conference held on 9/12/17 and there will be others.  Connect with the organizer, John Blanpied (on Facebook) for updates on future events.  There are many things planned for the coming months.  Here is a website that includes information on the group they reference:

Secondly, there is now a link in the upper right corner of this blog.  Sign up to receive these messages via email if that is your wish.  Alternatively, you can sign up for the RSS feed and they will be updated when they are published, on your home page. 

Lastly, the information they shared about our interaction is quite a long story.  I’ve been communicating with certain Pleiadian beings for over a year around the topic of healing, and much has been learned.  It is a process.  Those conversations will be compiled and available soon.  

What I can say now is that we’ve had to hone our expectations to include all aspects of the individual.  Contact is a delicate and complex process that will not successfully be short-changed. Full participation and comprehension is necessary to accomplish healing. 

They in fact DO have advanced healing technology, yet it works differently for humans, at least for the few that have been tested thus far.  The Pleiadians are not gods or miracle workers, but our sisters and brothers.  They’d like to help us and want to know us, as we do them.  What has happened in my interactions with them over the last several years has been a mutual appreciation for our differences as well as deep respect.

This is an exciting time!  Please respond in the comments below, they will read them.  

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.
With so much love and gratitude,

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