Schrödinger's Öther Cat Update - "Bad News & Good News"

Bad News & Good News

Published by Schrödinger's Öther Cat on October 24th 2017

Ok, this is just awesome.

Ok, don't shoot the messenger. Here comes a bubbleburster... at least it was for some of us.

It's certainly not bad news, but we were disappointed when we found out. After some clarification from Guides, we now have a better handle on what's to happen AFTER The Event. To whit: none of us will be going to The New Earth. Not you. Not me. Not us. The New Earth is being created right now, and it's to be a pristine, forested paradise... but we have to INCARNATE there to get there, we won't just get 'SOURCE-zapped' there. Damn, we said with real feeling. Yes, that's the bad news. We are doing the Ascension at the 3D level; we're getting the needed DNA upgrades, now. We're not sure what this means for people who aren't READY for this, but we're in process of finding out.

As for the good news, those who've been working on the side of LIGHT will be going to the highest timeline, where the cabal will be featured in... oh, right -- NOWHERE -- and we will all get free COSMIC ICE CREAM on Tuesdays. Just please don't drop it. It costs a fortune.

Yes, that's all japanese for YUM.



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