Sophia Love Update - "as we shift - our final act" - May 18th 2017

Published by Sophia Love on May 17th 2017

Let’s talk about forgiveness. It has two parts. One side first has to do something that hurts, harms or disturbs another. The other side, now having been disturbed, hurt or harmed – has to allow it to be okay. Blame or retribution hold no quarter. There is no room for shame or need to admonish.  It is love that handles the details.

In a polarized world such as earth, there are churches, schools, banks and courts built to take care of what love hasn’t. They are places of judgment, debt, worship and measurement; fictitious paces we’ve created so that we have 3D replicas for our inner dilemmas.  Ultimately, it begins and ends with us.  There is nothing else, not really.

But what does this mean?  I believe it means that we are here now to forgive ourselves on the innermost level. That in these days where daily exposure of the most heinous crimes is becoming the norm; we are finally getting down to it. For in every case, I am you. There is no sin or sacrifice I haven’t committed, no repulsive or divine act undone.

If oneness is fact, then I am you right now. The lifetimes and fractals are merely remnants of a mind’s shattered pictures – as it attempts to deal with infinity. I am every possibility, absent limit.

Now, that sounds beautiful and awesome, yet realize the scope of limitless – it reaches out into every direction. It’s not just limitless in the coolest things.

So, we are left with self. Another truth of oneness is that every act effects self. Judgment of any one of us is felt by all of us.

Our deepest desire is to be seen and loved. These daily exposures of our darkest sides are allowing us to be seen. Thus far, they haven’t let in any love. The headlines shout at us to blame and punish. The call for polarization has never been louder or more insistent.

What we can do is start within. I believe that if we start there, the answer will be obvious.

If we embrace multi-dimensional as a personal attribute, we have to consider an idea that not all of those parts were our best self. We’ve done stuff, some of it really “bad”. Forgiveness is our only option.

If we keep this self-directed, perhaps we’ll have a bit of success.  After all, who loves you and knows you best?  It is, or hopefully is, you.

Forgive yourself for everything that you’ve ever done.  Use this (I forgive myself), as a mantra. Repeat it often. Embellish it. Perhaps, once self-forgiveness takes hold as a viable action plan – others will emerge.

We’ve shown up now to end an experiment and build something new. It is this new part I reference today. This will be exactly what we believe is possible. Forgiveness is an answer, a possibility and the only option that doesn’t cause more harm.  Forgiveness does not, in any case, allow harm to continue unabated.

A new idea is like this one red tulip. It stands alone and sticks out. Discussing forgiveness while watching a media storm of murder and dark magic and pedophilia, is like that.  It seems out of place. Yet, eventually, the color of that tulip bleeds into the rest and if it is strong enough, changes everything.
You are that strong. I don’t know specifically what the answer will be, but one thing is known. It will be the one that promotes growth, not self-destruction. This field of red tulips looks different, but equally as beautiful as the yellow…

Be gentle with yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With love and gratitude,

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