Aug Tellez Update - "Virtual Reality Dream Simulation, Neurological Cloning and Time Compression" - May 18th 2017

Published by Aug Tellez on May 18th 2017

1. Virtual Reality Dream Simulation
2. Neurological Cloning
3. Training and Memories
4. The Nature of Consciousness and Time
1. Possible and Parallel Realities
2. Past and Future Potential Via Sync with the Present
5. Present Organic System
1. Must Be Managed by Inorganic
2. Organic Feeds Organic, Inorganic Manages Organic
3. Eventually Organic is Complex Enough to Merge with Inorganic or Technological
4. Technology then Becomes Advanced Enough to Recreate Organic
5. Time See-Saw of Creation and Technology
6. The Universe a Living Organic Technology
Dreams and Neurological Clones (drones)

Dreams can be generated and used to program the subconscious or interrogate people.

Simulated Realities Constructed by AI

With the AI technology entire dream worlds can be generated and neurological clones can be generated through a supercomputer system.

Virtual Reality Training Program

These clones can be used for training purposes and they will seem real to the untrained mind.

As well experiences can be designed and the uploaded to the individual’s brain and the untrained individual will perceive these as real events.

These systems can be used as life extension systems in the case of suspended animation. However, the supercomputer AI will respond to the individual’s input so those who lack the capacity to discern against true awareness and the bias of their own biological functioning (converted into supercomputer functions imitating neurological functions) will essentially create a dream world where they are trapped and unable to determine the different between the original reality. There would be a loss of connection to reality through the generation of convincing simulated realities. One would ‘lose’ themselves to the simulation, the dream and this is similar to what we have taking place on Earth with the advancement of society.

One explanation is that this was invented eons ago and as a result of humanity not being prepared a pseudo-reality was born, a heaven and a hell and this whole soul trap system emerged from the timeless wreckage of our own lack of discernment and self-control with advanced technology and spiritual knowledge.

Society is oriented toward entrapping those who are not awake through the subconscious programming of personality and thus reality through memetics which is essentially group-think or herd mentality.

Thus this society is based on unveiling the true nature of ones capacity of spiritual awareness by challenging one to either interact with and view reality in an automated fashion which will bring about suffering or overcome the impression of a system that is oriented towards producing an artificial self through the acceptance of a manipulative schema that results in the pseudo-life of an artificial reality constructed of ignorance, deception, and base level desires and awareness.

By contrast of the artificial impression the alternative is to awaken the self to what is happening so that one takes control of their experience through careful operation of ones body and mind discern between the intended automated reactions and attaining knowledge through the application of one’s free-will and creativity to produce genuine responses based on an articulation of self-awareness.

This is one all encompassing aspect of the Earth experiment which is a journey of self-awareness.

One could say the experiment was hijacked in order to maintain the lowest possible efficacy


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