Simon Parkes Update - "On The Manchester Attack..."

Published by Simon Parkes on 28th 2017

On The Manchester Attack...

In a previous post regarding the Manchester bombing, I said a rucksack was used to carry the bomb - All the British news agencies were pushing the line that a bomb vest was used.

Now American intelligence quoting British forensic evidence report that indeed a rucksack was most likely used to carry the bomb - I was aware of this 4 hours after the blast, yet established British Media peddled the lie, even when MI5 knew as I did.

What citizens of the world are NOT being told is why did American intelligence leak the British taken photographs of the bomb parts found at the Manchester attack?

Answer because the US wanted to show the world that the level of sophistication was beyond a ‘Rag Tag Arab Terrorist group’  The bomb detonator indeed had a complex team organising him.


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