Destroying The Illusion Update - "New Book: "The Case for a Secret Space Program" ft Dr. Wood, Dr. Salla, Bill Tompkins, & Corey Goode"

Published by Jordan Sather on May 28th 2017

"The Case for a Secret Space Program" is a collaborative new book to be released in July featuring veteran researchers Dr. Robert Wood and Dr. Michael Salla, and secret space program whistleblowers William Tompkins and Corey Goode.

This first book in a series will tie in the testimonies of Goode and Tompkins with the research of Dr. Wood and Dr. Salla to explain precisely how advanced science were obtained by corporations on our planet, and how technology gained from these sciences were kept secret and built out.

Book releasing at the MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas in Mid July, eBook will be available.

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