Galactic Federation of Light - " The Beginning is Near" - May 22nd 2017

Published by Artemis Pax on May 21st 2017

It has been some time now since we have commented on the state of affairs in your world. We have previously expressed concern about the pattern of control and domination that characterizes many of your governments and leaders. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are forces currently attempting to abolish democracy in your United States. As a general rule, we like to keep our analysis and recommendations non-partisan, as you might say, but there are rules being violated and people being singled out for punishment like deportation, abuse and arrests related to your rights to protest, and other actions meant to marginalize and disempower aspects of your populace.

The rules we speak of are what you might refer to as cosmic laws. These laws protect everyone in our realms, especially those who might not otherwise have adequate representation. To say that your world is upside-down is an understatement. The erosion of basic human and civil rights, as well as planetary destruction, war, and violence reflect an agenda that is not concerned about the good of the many.

The corrupt bastions of power on your world are about to be challenged. As our channel likes to say, there is a new sheriff in town. We want to encourage you and those you know to consider the possibility that what your world needs at this time is for everyone to align around sustainable and inclusive shared values. This is what we call ‘true north’, referring to the moral compass inherent in each and every one of you.
Evolution can’t lead when it has no idea what direction is true. — Ken Wilber, Integral Life
When there are those among you who focus instead on what you might call ‘due south’, they are pursuing agendas that are at odds with the needs of those on the ‘true north’ path. They must and will be stopped in their tracks. For some time you have been hearing from various channels that there will be mass arrests. There will also be resignations. This is already in progress, with much more to come.

We would also like to comment on the phenomenon many of you refer to as ‘The Event’. There has been a lot of confusion about what this event is and what it will mean to humanity. But ‘The Event’ is about to unfold. It is related to solar activity and how that will impact your world. Some of you might have heard about the ‘solar flash’. This will be an unprecedented event on your world. It is nothing to be afraid of — it simply means that humanity will receive an immense download of divine creator light. This will render the dark ones in your world incapable of continuing to carry power.

As an intervention team affiliated with The Galactic Federation of Light, we have been waiting for some time to receive the green light to begin our engagement with your world in earnest. That mandate has now been given. What does this mean to you? It means that our presence on your world will be more widely felt and it also means that corrupt leaders will be stripped of their power and authority.

Imagine instead a near-Utopia that focuses on abundance, creativity, health and wellness for all, and assisting humanity in achieving your highest and greatest potential.


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