Contact in the Desert - "Kauilapele's Notes from 'Disclosure Panel' by David Wilcock" - May 22nd 2017

Published by Kauilapele on May 22nd 2017

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These are the notes I took during the panel discussion. As best I could iPhone-type. I know Joan Wheaton will be adding her notes, eventually.

AC – Andrew Collins, BF = Brian Foerster, DW = David Wilcock, LMH = Linda Moulton Howe, MB = Mike Bara

AC: Alien Megastructure discovered in Cygnus, announced by NASA. Just reported NASA official news that they have discovered an alien Civilization out there in Cygnus… Many telescopes pointed that way. Dyson sphere.

MB: Same groups attacking/opposing disclosure are the ones opposing Trump.

LMH: “Fear porn” re: N Korea. DW pointed out data that shows benevolent ETs are protecting. LMH agreed… I think…

LMH: someone she know says structures back of moon match Antarctica and Mars structures. And there have been people going there and taking out bodies, artifacts, for 15 years.

AC: Ussilo horizon. Black mat.

Group: cataclysmic events might have been brought about by SSP or alien type craft/technology… Grab a comet or rock, and direct it to hit the planet.

LMH: read Alternative 3 David (?) Watkins MUST READ. DW: three alternatives to prevent or survive earth disaster. “Alternative 3” is the one where send inhabitants to another planet (Mars).

BF: in Peru found skeletons of (most likely) mother and baby, both with elongated skulls. The baby’s skull was bigger than the torso.

BF: two weeks ago, found starchild babies in Peru.

LMH: Shirley McLain actress knew about SSP and small ETs. Small ETs directed her to NOT buy a property near Santa Fe NM. They were scurrying around her feet.

Final thoughts on Disclosure Moving Forward

MB: media is falling. Monopoly is being broken. Yes thanks to Trump. Once MSM monopoly broken, disclosure will follow.

AC: Don’t wait for others. Find the data, do it yourself. Tabby Star is important.

BF: govts try control past paradigms. Not the present or future. You are disclosure.

DW: disclosure changes everything. New group, Alliance, wants technology etc to come out. Disclosure = Freedom. Tabby Star is one of tools for disclosure.


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