As We Shift - Attacks, Draco & You

Published by Sophia Love on April 24th 2017

Empowerment includes truth. Some, okay, maybe most, of what we’ve been told, is not. We, as a result, operate often from a place of powerless.

There are things I’ve been told, some of them from a source I trust and others I’ve seen myself. These things may sound outlandish. We’ve been meticulously programmed to immediately dismiss them as possibilities. In denying their potential reality, we weaken ourselves. What follows is meant to inform and as well, fortify you with truth. A sovereign being considers all possibilities.

We came as light workers and light warriors. We came to see to it that the earth and her people emerge free of ownership and at choice in their own evolution. As this story unfolds, we witness dramatic progress. We are experiencing setbacks as well, and it is here where this discussion takes us. What is going on?

I can tell you some things that may help to shed light on what’s been happening. Cobra and the Alliance are working diligently to take care of these factions and machines still operating. They are having success. Yet it’s not over.

There is a blind viciousness to these energetic attacks. There is advanced technology. There is no direction however, or organization, (the head of the snake has been removed), and they have nothing to lose. This only amplifies the violence.

Individual light workers and warriors are being targeted and the effect manifests differently for each person. It may show up as illness or anxiety or accident. In all cases, it produces stress and the goal, in fact, is to disable/even eliminate the light worker/warrior; thus, reducing his or her effect. They (the Draco) are still out to win.

They will not (win), yet that doesn’t matter and will not stop them from trying. In all cases these beings and factions and machines have to be forcibly removed. This is what they do. There is no negotiation. They are not human.

It is in this light that I offer the following description/introduction of the Draco. Some of it you may have heard. Much of it was new for me. It is not an easy read, and I am sorry for that. With knowledge comes power.

This is not a typical post for me, yet I felt that it could help someone. It is not meant to advocate war or battle or polarity. It is data. These are unusual times, and there are not any road maps. If only one of us is helped, this post will have served its purpose.

Characteristics of the Draco –
Exceptionally tall. The Royalty are the tallest, at 14 foot? Others are still taller than the average human, at 9 – 10 foot.

Their vital organs are located in both armpits and the groin. The only way to eliminate them is to withdraw their attention overwhelmingly, and deliver a blow to either area. A high-powered rifle with a scope is the best choice.
They have highly developed mental telepathy. They will always know you are coming. It is hard to surprise them. You can’t sneak up on them. They are always waiting.

They are cowards and revengeful. They will remember you and retain a personal vendetta if you’ve met and hurt them somehow. Death is really the only choice to end this.

They have a strong urine smell. This is because they excrete their waste through their skin – they sweat it out. Because of this, if you encase them so that no air gets to their skin, it will take a while, but it will suffocate them.
In all cases, you have to act first and decisively, because if they are aware of you, you have very little chance of success.

You have to watch out for their blood, it’s caustic to humans, it’ll burn you.

So, “constant vigilance” remains our mantra. If something seemingly “comes out of nowhere”, it could very well be an attack. The thing to do in every case is to fortify your sovereignty. Use meditation, music, movement, nature, prayer or whatever works. You are not crazy.

What’s going on now, happens beneath the surface of this illusion (think: dream state), but its effect is felt where we can see it, in our bodies and in our life. They are still trying to stop us. This tells us that we are making a difference!!

We are not victims. We are workers and warriors on the home stretch of a job beautifully done. We are shining Beings of Light, and this violent final bit of darkness is framing our brilliance so well that we make really easy targets. You can’t miss us.

Take heart in the truth of who you are, and hang in there. We chose and were chosen for this path we now walk. We’ve got this.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With gratitude and love,

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