Sophia Love Update - "Answers from Different Beings & the Eclipse"

Published by Sophia Love on August 16th 2017

August 14 th and 15 th, 2017
I'd like to ask questions now. Each is directed at a specific being. Is this now the best time for me to do so?
It is Sophia. Proceed.  
The question follows -
Can you please ask your star friends if there is a planet called Percula in
the Vega star system? Also, if it is possible to asked for a contact of any kind.
I would be so grateful for that.

Love and Light

The planet of which is inquired does exist, yes. It is, however, not encased in the star system mentioned in the question, but another, unnamed and distant.
If the reader would like a contact from there, she only need go deeply to the place she sometimes does. All questions have answers. What will be available for her then is what and who she allows entrance into her realm, her sphere. She is very capable, this one.
That is all. She must trust.
Thank you.   

Is there someone who can offer insight into this being "Rudolph" and the information he shares?

Rudolph talks many times of a looming Pole shift. All his Vids are short. I know you have not received any warning s on this to my knowledge. Can you ask or inquire about Rudolph From Germany and this Pole Shift he talks of? Thanks.
I can, yes.
Who are you?
I am a being from the same race of which Rudolph has access. I am aware of his information source. Although he speaks here of a pole shift, he relies then on information that does not take into account the will of the collective.
His source is a hierarchal conduit who only disseminates what is seen. There is no consideration for what is felt. This is a very authoritative process. Rudolph transmits perfectly yet without allowance for human emotion.
For this reason, his transmissions are worthwhile as possibilities, yet should not be taken as factual. The future cannot exist outside of your experience of it. This alters everything.
That is all.
Thank you.
These next 3 questions are for a member of the Galactic Federation.   

Why were you complicit in our suffering?
Do the GF beings have " feelings"?  Tell me so I understand.  Tell me the differences between your emotional life and those of 3rd D.  Tell me the subtle differences.   Do you feel pain and suffer, can you detect suffering from a person's face? Can you see and feel loneliness?  Can you detect despair in the eyes?  Can you feel "un-comfortableness" in another.
Dear human,
Your suffering is known, as are the countless incidents of suffering by countless others. It is not considered part of the dialogue of negotiations, as these were aboutthe human and not with the human.
Certainly, the suffering is felt and yet only recently has it played a pivotal role. This federation is not one race only, but many.
We differ in origin and purpose and level of what you are terming enlightenment. We do not come from a spiritually advanced platform. There are too many of us to assume unity.
We are hierarchal and negotiate always for the best overall arch.
Is that your complete response?
It is.
Here is the next part of the question then.
The second question has to do with "Free Will". 
For me:  Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded and act on it.  Sophia has said, ......."Free will is only possible when you are aware of all the options; we are not".  
I have always said:  We have no free will here.  Always!!!  They (higher beings) refer to us as slaves when they communicate with us, ........yet at the same time, and often in the same message they say we have free will.  Are they aware of this?  Slaves do not have free will You cannot have it both ways.  This is not a free will planet, just look at the Draco agreement 17,000 years ago, have you forgotten?

We certainly can choose a wood house or brick house, vanilla or chocolate ice cream, potatoes or squash for supper, ........this is free will on a lower scale.  I am not talking about this.  I am talking about free will on a much larger scale.
When people of earth have asked for help, we are told in channeled messages, it is not possible because they (higher being) can not interfere, because it is a "free will planet".  With the two Free Will definitions above, consider this:
We have handmade devices that beam certain electromagnetic frequencies at us that keep us depressed, without hope, angry, etc.  There is poison food, poison water, poison air, raping the land, sea and air.  Raping the people, children, .... etc.  Corrupt governments, towns, cities, national. Worldwide, every imaginable, horrific negative energy has been laid upon us that we have to contend with, ......and you have the gall to tell us that "we have free will".
This has been going on for 17,000 years.  And you want us to call you ......"our brothers and sister".  If you truly were our brothers and sisters this misery would have stopped 17,000 years ago.
Again, the answer is much the same. That this experiment has continued so long was never intended. That your awareness level would reach its current state was unexpected. It did not start out this way.
Part of the free will dictate is your choice to incarnate on the planet at all.
The other part are the minor choices, the likes of which you mention.
This entire scenario is one you signed up for - you are experiencing this slavery for the contrast. We are all playing roles. You perceive this group to be the "bad guys" in this one. So be tit. I have no answers that will truly satisfy.
This is in negotiations now.  
Here is the final question.
Are the millions of 3rd D. planets, places were Source gets to release his dark side??  It sure looks like it.
Source is all sides infinitely expressed. This means that each occurrence and resulting experience of light or dark is Source and ultimately leads to illumination. One does not exist without the other. In fact, one becomes a catalyst for the other and then acts as witness to the truth of balance.
It is I. It is One.
Thank you.

 Note - I find it interesting that this last answer was given by One, and not the Galactic Federation!
That's all the questions for today. (8/14/2017)
I realized after this session that there was a question regarding the upcoming eclipse. It follows. It was asked and answered on 8/15/2017.

"I have an additional question, regarding the upcoming solar eclipse. Is there someone available to answer?"

Please go ahead with your question.

I was wondering if this is a larger celestial cosmic event that introduces or concludes something we as a species are going through right now. I wonder if we should be focusing on certain energies under the path of totality. What are your thoughts on this event? Could these questions be asked at your next connection?

If there is a focus during the complete solar eclipse that would carry the greatest amount of global effect, it would be unity.

This event of your sun certainly sends a message to all on the earth - that you are united and that there is not one of you who can escape that single fact.

At the same moment, there will come an experience of complete darkness - at a time when you "should" be in the light.

This can serve as a message for all races, all beings who reside right now on planet earth. It is this. Although you now (at the full total eclipse moment) are in darkness, this too shall pass. It will lead to an even greater, more focused appreciation of what the light is.

It is a life giving and illuminating force that exposes and exhibits the actions and vehicles of all beings, regardless of origin.

Focus on unity.

What that will yield is prosperity, equality and compassion. This unity includes the planet on which you rest your feet, for indeed both sun and earth are life supporting celestial bodies, every bit as sentient as the beings you are.

Focus on unity.

Is that all?


Who has answered this question?

It is I. It is One.

Thank you.

That is all of the questions for this edition! 

Note:  Cobra & Corey Goode are calling for a global meditation during the Eclipse.     Details can be found at this link (click here ). 


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