Strange rainbow cloud appears in the sky over Herriman, Utah

Published by Strange Sounds on 30th March 2018

Wendy Fuller of Herriman took this video on March 19th near her house. She posted the video along with some photos to Facebook. “I got home from work and hurried and got this on video! Whatever it is, it took my breath away!! WOW!!!” The rainbow disappeared minutes after she finished recording.

and here a Twitter video if the first one is removed:

The profile of the original poster appears to be of a pretty unassuming person who is not into anything strange or divisive in any way. The weather in her hometown in Utah when this was taken was roughly 50 degrees, so ice particle phenomena are out of question? By comparing the movement of the phenomena with the house against those of the clouds (that can be seen far behind it) we can surmise that this phenomena was relatively close to ground level. So once again, ice particle or other high altitude phenomena are not at play.

Amazing rainbow cloud over Herriman, Utah on March 19, 2018. via Facebook
This was filmed in Herriman Utah on 3/19/2018. Several meteorologists have called this a “cloud iridescence”. via Facebook

Here the original post on Facebook:


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