Schrödinger's Öther Cat - Quick Easter Message

Published by Schrödinger's Öther Cat on March 28th 2018

Ok, a bit of news. Some of us got the same message. We'd been independently looking at a calendar for this week and wondered about the upcoming supermoon and a potential Step 10... then saw that Saturday was Passover… then had a Guide step in and say:

“No one will be passed over.”

We interpreted that message as a highly positive one. We don't know if what's coming will be a big enough shift to call a Step, but a burst is definitely headed our way. Happy rebirth, everyone. April will be buckle-y-buckle-y, so you might as well strap in, now.

Oh, and special thanks to the dragons who shooed the TWBs away last night over our various houses! (The TWBs have been puzzling over trying to use Wave X energy as a weapon (!), the blasts of which are uncomfortable, but they fail to realize that this is SOURCE energy, so it's always con-structive, not de-structive. Sadly for them, they will not survive The Event.

CATs love (high-vibe) dragons.


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