Jordan Sather Update - "Anonymous person warns of Las Vegas attack in September"

Published by Jordan Sather on October 4th 2017

On 9/10, an anonymous user on /pol/ forewarned about an attack in the LV area and the reasoning behind it.

People have been commenting on my posts calling these deductions of the false flag nature of the shooting "crazy conspiracy theories".

Well, this was sent to me by a man who spent a good deal of time in the CIA (he was not the poster of the comments). There is a war gong on behind the scenes. Inter-agency war.

Do you understand what's going on? Are you sure? These aren't "theories", they are hypothesis rooted in fact. Many people are getting it, but we still have others who need to catch up. It's up to us to get them there.



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Source: Destroying The Illusion Facebook Page

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