Jordan Sather Update - "Which World do you Want?"

Which World do you Want?

Published by Jordan Sather on September 14th 2017

You can live in your world with your vaccines that eradicated disease, your cancer cure just around the corner (that you only have to keep donating money for), your man-made climate change, your alternative energy from horribly inefficient renewable resources, and your artificial intelligence.

If this is the world you believe to be, that's fine. Your choice.

But I'm going to live over here in the world I've found. The world I've chosen. The world not so oft discussed.

My world doesn't even need vaccines or fluoride because humans keep themselves and their environments healthy. There is little disease, and the cures for diseases such as cancer are very real, and very simple. Targeted resonant frequencies and herbal remedies are all that is needed here.

The physical science of this chosen world leaves the expensive, inefficient renewable energy sources like solar and wind behind, because this world has found ways to tap the universal aetheric field and create virtually limitless amounts of electricity by understanding rotation and electromagnetic. The universe here is electric. This world understand how gravity and time are one in the same, and can gravity/time can be managed to create levitation, dematerialization, and "time travel".

In this world, it is not known as "man-made climate change", it is just change, and there is an understanding of the cyclical nature of our cosmos, and these changes that are occurring are not being resisted and worked against, but accepted and worked with.

Artificial intelligence in this world is but a laughing stock, for people know of their own natural intelligence. The intelligence contained in their own mind and bodies, in their own DNA. They can utilize extra sensory abilities such as telepathy and remote viewing because they comprehend what consciousness really is.

Not sure which world you want, but I know where my choice is. We can start to solve some things here if we collectively start to make this choice.


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