David Wilcock Update - "Dark Alliance Mega-Attack Repelled... For Now"

Published by David Wilcock on August 18th 2017

Death threats… by phone and in writing. Blackmail efforts for over a million dollars. Possible attempted murder by sabotaging car brakes.

Anonymous calls to Child Protective Services saying Corey Goode's children are in imminent danger.

All worldly possessions of a fellow insider, Pete Peterson, being illegally seized and sent to the dump – causing losses in the millions.

Armed policemen, protecting the crime, with the homeowner guaranteed 90 days in jail if he comes within a mile of the operation.

Simultaneous seizure of his truck, leaving him with no transportation.

And then, a massive attack against Divine Cosmos that completely destroyed the site for 21 hours -- and which could have been weeks if we hadn't been lucky.

These are just some of the actions of what we are calling the Dark Alliance. Enough is enough.


The day after my brakes suspiciously gave out, Corey Goode got a call from Child Protective Services. They had been told his kids were in "imminent danger."

Two days later, police arrived at Pete Peterson's former home and began emptying everything he owns -- with value in the millions -- into dumpsters.

Before we get to all of these more serious events, let's talk about the massive hack we just repelled against this website, Divine Cosmos.

We had some initial signs of trouble when the numbering system on our comments section mysteriously broke.

Instead of all the section numbers appearing on one line, and centered in the middle, it was now broken into two, and left-justified:

A hacker had already been able to make one of the sections of our comments non-functional, as well as having created a massive down-vote attack.


As I said in the last update, the person responsible for this attack then wrote a comment and blatantly threatened me:

One key to point out is that a few months ago, I posted a Facebook Live video with a female friend going by the protective psuedonym JackStar.

Therefore, whoever came up with this name appeared to be paying very close attention to every public statement I made.

Once this type of scrutiny extends into malicious hacking, we are now dealing with felony stalking charges, as well as cyber harassment.


As I said in the previous update, this threat precisely mirrored a statement I had received from a formerly-trusted insider on July 3rd, 2017 by phone.

This insider told me he was passing along a message to "dump Corey Goode" or else be "brought to the slaughterhouse."

He told me flat-out that this was being done on behalf of the Rothschilds, and he was passing it along because he "owed them a favor."

He did not say he supported them. His official position was that he did not support them, but he still felt compelled to convey this information to me.

I will share recordings of the core threat from these calls with certain researchers in person under selected circumstances.

The key will be for me to guarantee they are not re-recording it, so there is no chance of it accidentally leaking online.

I still wish to protect the identity of my insiders, even if they betray me. I would not publicly present this data unless this turns into a legal trial.


This insider furthermore said that I was being invited to become an "asset", obviously for the Rothschilds.

I could talk about whatever I wanted as long as I detached from Corey Goode, apparently involving some sort of official public divorce.

I was given strong and clever hints that I could sell items of value, such as my car, and be massively overpaid for them.

This would then create much greater financial solvency that I could then use to build a platform to become, as he said, "the next Alex Jones."

It was also implied that they would use other paid "assets" they already had in our field to boost me up and make me significantly more famous.

He identified these assets. They were known individuals who had been stridently and publicly attacking Corey Goode for months.

If you think you know who I'm talking about, you're probably right. I just don't want to give them any further publicity than they already have.

It took more than two weeks for me to admit to Corey that I had been threatened like this. I apologized for not telling him sooner.

I did not agree to the offer and made it clear that I had turned them down when I posted my "comeback update" on August 5th, 2017.


The comments were very aggressively attacked, and the hacker then revealed his identity with an identical-sounding threat.

I immediately posted updates to the article where I revealed what he had done.

Then, this same individual began sending Corey and me very strange messages telling us he wanted to become a whistleblower.

He was saying he was prepared to reveal the entire operation being conducted against us.

All we had to do was sign an NDA, and agree to promote something for him down the road.

The problem is that him asking us to promote something for his profit, after admitting to hacking us, constitutes blackmail.

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