A Comment on Cobra's Unity Meditaion Report by Claude Lauzon

A Comment on Cobra's Unity Meditaion Report by Claude Lauzon

Published by Claude Lauzon on August 25th 2017

I did some fact checking with my Guides and would like to share some of what I learned with you with respect to this article. Some of the statements are quite strong and potentially misleading but much of the information is accurate. For example, in the opening statement "Our meditation was the turning point in the liberation process of our planet" is incorrect, it was not. "...so it was our strongest meditation ever." is indeed correct, for it was.

As for "...a signal for the Central Race that the awakened part of the human population will be able to hold the Light in unity when the Event happens..." the central race did receive the signal, but it is an overstatement that the awakened humans will be able to hold the Light because of this meditation. It simply was not enough, more is needed but it did put us on the trajectory towards that goal.

"This means that from now on, the energies from the Galactic Center will exponentially intensify until all darkness is purified and the planet is liberated." This statement is true, but it's not attributable to this meditation, more factors are at play.

"During the meditation, the critical mass of the New Atlantis energy grid around the planet has been completed" The energy grid was already completed prior to this meditation.

"...and from now on this grid is strong enough to handle the energies of the Event." It was already strong enough prior to this meditation.

"From now on, the New Atlantis energy grid will be used by the Light forces to transmit mission activation codes in the form of revelatory dreams, impressions and visions to the awakened part of the human population." It was already being used for this purpose and its targeting everyone.

I could go on, but you see the point, a lot of the information is accurate, but the author, Cobra, is making connections that are not accurate and potentially misleading. Cobra's intentions are good however. It would be preferable to use statements like "contributed to..." or "suggests that..." or removing statements like "From now on..." It would paint a more accurate picture of what is really happening.

As we transition into the 5th density, we need to discern better. A lot of information from individuals like Cobra is accurate, it is just put in such a way as being a inflammatory or enthusiastic and can mislead us that change is "imminent". This is a complex issue that we are experiencing and many other things are in play, not just meditations like these. Keep reading his posts however, they are inspiring. It's important to understand though that this whole process we are going through is taking its own sweet time to manifest, and not at the rate that we would all like to see, myself included. Just be cautious about the anticipation built into articles and try to read them without these "suggestive" wordings.

Source: http://higherdiscernment.blogspot.com/2017/08/cobra-update-unity-meditation-report.html?showComment=1503668575759#c6748506577618330507

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  1. Is it really necessary Claude Lauzon to fight for your being right against Cobra. Didn't we aimed at reaching unity among all those who wants peace and harmony on earth? Your remarks may be truth, but revive a struggle between "yes" and "no", which nobody wants.
    When you have more, may be better information, disclose and don't work on behalf of the Cabal by sawing discord.

  2. What Claude Lauzon could do is to contribute articles according to the information of his guides so the public can decide what to do with his version of information instead of merely commenting on someone else work.

    Tell us your version instead if you find cobras words are exaggerating a bit out of zealousness to report the good news since you seem to indicate you can extract information with your guides.

    If you decline then thats fine but stop sounding like you know more then!