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Published by Sophia Love on July 16th 2017

July 14, 2017

The following questions are from readers. Are there those among you who are willing to answer them?

Please ask them Sophia. We will come forward as necessary.

Yes, okay.

This first question is for anyone who feels called to answer.

My question is about doing the 'inner work' that we keep hearing about.  Many in my circle simply have no time for meditation, yoga, or even a simple walk in nature.  Does this mean that they are not ready to ascend?  Or is it just a matter of Soul growth and bringing our energies forward into the present that allow us to cleanse and ascend? 

Yes. An interesting question that comes more from a militaristic and segmented view than from inner awareness.

Who is speaking please?

I am one of your cousins from within Gaia. My existence is from a faster frequency already so I am equipped to respond. I have moved beyond third dimensional awareness.

The reference made to segmented thinking means that it springs from an idea of IF I DO THIS - I WILL GET THAT.

What you are doing now is not akin to learning how to pass a test in school. Think holistically. Who are you and your circle of friends? Is your life about taking for self only and not about love of other? This is the question to ask yourself. There will be no passes or fails here. If you choose to occupy the new frequency, you are making that choice with each thought and decision. There is no right or wrong. You will be wherever you place yourself. I believe that should suffice.

Thank you.   

---- This next question is for the Galactic Federation.

Once again, I see so much propaganda by the western media to back up the actions of Trump who many people are starting to say, "He's been cloned" or they got to him" SO frustrating when your friends buy into all of the propaganda too...

But here I feel OUR ONLY CHANCE TO STOP THE DIVIDE AND CONCUR BY SOMEHOW Intuitively knowing the TRUTH of any Event that needs light shined on it by anyone!! 


Yes. I see that it is.

The Federation has the vantage point and in this way, you could call it a tool, for observing the larger rhetoric. In this way, we see the manipulations and hear the schemes. Yet even here, I offer caution. First, there are those beyond the Federation that pull strings and alter timelines. These we cannot see.

Second, the Federation has its own agenda, as all groups do, and for humanity's own growth at this point, should not be asked to supply their intuitive hits on announcements.

It is the job of the human now to expand his own intuitive abilities. Once the truth is felt, it should be shared and spread. Fear not, complete accuracy prior to the spreading. Any expanding of intuitive response will serve to grow the idea of intuition as a tool. Practice increases accuracy.

That is all.

Thank you.   

---- There is another question for the Galactic Federation.

Proceed then.

Okay, it has many parts.

How do they fit with 'the One'? 

We do not "fit" with the One, we are part of the whole, as is humanity.

What is our origin? 

The origin of the human genome is now gradually being disclosed. There are many component parts, and the human was desired for its ease of combining with other races. There were mistakes, yes, but these are more commonly thought of as practice runs on the planet. The era of Atlantis is one you are familiar with. Some of these strictly genetic experiments are not putting these races in the best light.

(Note - this felt like a reference to the combining of the human with earth creatures like fish.) 

You see, there is truth in both evolution and an act of creation. The ape-like species was the earth component. The others were from advanced and evolved races not originating here. There were more than one. The diversity of humans on your planet should indicate as much.

How many years are we talking about here? When did you become involved? 

Many millions of your years had passed before the human was a player in the workings and of interest to the Federation.

We took on a "life of our own"? LOL 

Yes, very much so. You became more than the sum of your parts.  

How was this exploit done?

The exploitation was used to serve the purposes of whichever faction of control wanted something. It was easily done. Man likes to serve a master greater than himself (imagined). We merely offered a carrot for man to strive for.

Can we go home now?

This will certainly be offered when the time comes for it to be. Man is so very close now. His complete liberation will be that much sweeter due to his tenacious insistence on completing it himself.

I am complete until then.

Thank you.

You are welcome Sophia and friends.

Is there anyone with information about the white dragons who can answer the next question?

(I feel and see a huge winged gray or silver and white creature pushing forward. * (with immense power)

I feel you as well.

Hello Sophia. Your friend has brought me out of hiding as it were. I am not known to be loquacious or fond of crowds. And yet here I am, talking and in a large group of others. It is not the most comfortable.

I jest, of course. We originate from many places yet are mutually aware.

*Your visual amuses me.

Glad to be of service.

You are sharp witted. This is enjoyable. I will answer the question by first saying to your friend that there is great and unexpressed power there - it is not for nothing the stories of those who command a dragon. It takes one of equal force. This being is one to reckon with.

My query is: Have you run into any other communications with White Dragons? Or have you heard about them returning to our Galaxy/Solar System?  I am told there is a gateway/portal to their dimension through the Northern Cross constellation (The Swan).  This resonates with me as being true (or represents a partial picture of the whole truth).

The white dragon is returning, yes. It is not only fairy tales, the fact of them.

They will arrive as one - a force in the skies and united. This will be an unusual marking, as the nature of my kind is to be solitary. It will, or is intended to herald the uniting of the planet. Many, many beings will mark this event.

The unification of Man with Gaia is the magnificent occurrence that will be announced with our flight.

Watch for it. The place has not been told to me - the name may bear no significance anyway, as it is a human contrivance - the name. Our flight will follow the energetic path that is called for. The earth, she shifts, names and places may be altered.

Your friend will be answered with these words.

Thank you.

Such a pleasure, Sophia. We will meet again.

(Wow. This was unlike anything I've encountered. The signature of this being was ancient beyond ancient and wise and of this place, of the earth. It had a gentle mirth to its personality. I believe it sent me the visual I described, and in it, I "saw" it using its massive wings like elbows, pushing its way to the front of the "group" of beings who were also present! It felt, I am unsure how to express the feeling... regal comes close but not in a "you must worship me" sense, rather in a deeply rooted elegance. It felt in all ways honorable. It was wild. I am thrilled to have had this brief chat! Sophia)

This next question is for anyone.

Do you have any tricks/tips or experiences on astral projection that you might part with?

There are methods. Many of them have been shared by your avatars. These come by tales and stories and circumstantial evidence that is difficult to verify.

What is always true is that the success achieved has everything to do with attachment to the earth and a desire to move.

Who is speaking?

I am a fragment of your own essence, Sophia. In my journey, this was something I explored.

With success?

Partial, yes. These travels happen while deep in slumber or in meditation.

I just remembered it happened at least once for me. I was really someplace else while I was here.

Yes. The bison is the story. What do you remember?

It was during a deep meditation. The visual I held was the prairie - western US, and there were bison and flies with sun and heat. I WAS THERE. When I woke from the meditation I brought the flies with me into my home!

Yes. These travels occur when the desire to visit and imagination of location is equally as strong as the permanence of starting place. There is a portion of self that separates and then travels. You must believe it's possible without de-materializing to do so. You must have an intention to wake up, as in the next morning or after a meditation. Then, you will.

I am not sure if this is specific enough. Yet with willingness it can happen. Intend to bring back validation and it will enhance the belief that it's possible.

Thank you.  

This last question is for One.

I'm writing in reference to interpretation between all forms of spiritual messages (telepathic, channeled, auto-writing, etc.) These spiritual messages are everywhere and, generally positive, however, they can vary significantly on the similar topics, making discernment quite difficult at times.

Take for example the light, easy topic of Jesus Christ. Did Jesus exist on Earth in 3D form some 2000 years ago in my reality or did he not? Does his existence actually vary depending on specific people's realities? Is this a Santa Claus situation? I personally have always felt a connection to a spiritual Jesus (known by other names like Sananda, Emmanuel, Yeshua) but I also am not fond of having the wool pulled over my eyes... I just want to know my truth.

I have personally struggled on whether or not I should send this email for over a year and would ask that ONE (along with anyone else SHE/HE feels appropriate) guide the response.

With love and respect for all things,

It is I. It is One.

The reasons for the question are clear. Jesus as a man was here, in this timeline, as were other prophets. Where the confusion springs from is the historical Yeshua and "The Christ". You see, the soul essence that is Yeshua is large beyond the bodily form of the man.

(Here I got a visual and it was of a huge light being. Sophia)

What has been interpreted as the story of a 33-year life was the fulfillment of prophecy.

The soul incarnated, knowing full well its purpose. This is a story of enlightenment that was witnessed by many, and now serves as an accessible vehicle for man's journey toward his own expansion in consciousness.

There is no wool over eyes, dear human. There is a real example of love in human form.

He did not die for the sins of man but as a vehicle so that his death was witnessed and therefore his return witnessed and viewed as miraculous.

It is not that the Christ was a blueprint for Yeshua. * It was that Yeshua lived and walked in the light, amongst those poorest and seen as the most powerless humans. That much of the story is true. You could see the light surrounding him, and more than that, feel it.

(*It was more that Yeshua's life formed, for us, the blueprint for the Christ, if that makes sense. Sophia)

What some become confused about, exists only in this very dense vibratory field - that is, what is true or what is false. What fails to be gleaned from such an attachment to (getting) "facts from others" is that your greatest tool is your imagination. This world and history is made manifest by your belief in it.

Trust your connection to Sananda. It is very much as you see it and feel it. Yeshua lived, died and came back - all on this earth.

What may help is this. The attainment of spiritual mastery, with those attributes held by Yeshua, is not unique to Yeshua or something that happened to only a few, well known beings.

Yeshua chose to be in such a life to purposely serve as an example. What was demonstrated stands there now as a possibility that seems beyond reach, not because it is, but because the ideas of living that he embodied, have been made so, (beyond reach), by those would keep you enslaved.

His life is meant to stand as testament to a lifetime of sovereignty and freedom.

I hope this is satisfactory Sophia .

I do too. If not, there will be further questions. Thank you.

That's all of the questions for this edition!

Ask Sophia

So, I've got a question that is just driving me CRAZY.  You've recently started mentioning our removal from the planet onto ships. 

I read lots of articles, channelings, etc.  There seem to be two themes going on:  the destruction of the planet (Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy brought this up, for example) and the salvation of the planet, which seems to be the consensus of those who channel angelic beings.  This second group speaks of how we will be provided with technology to clean up the oceans, air, develop free energy, etc.  Some (Matthew Ward for one) speak of it as a "Golden Age."  
Now, the conundrum is, if we create our own reality, and I believe we do, can BOTH be possible future scenarios depending on one's viewpoint/expectations of life?  Maybe that would explain this discrepancy.  A splitting of the ways, perhaps. 

I am one who has always dreamed of the day the Earth can be healed; going off somewhere else is NOT my idea of a good time.  To me that would feel like my whole life (with its devotion to nature, animals, etc.) was a sick joke.  I'm not aware of you referring to what happens AFTER removal.  Perhaps I've missed something?  Is it just a temporary removal?  Or will there be so much destruction that it could be eons before she is inhabitable again? 

Everyone keeps saying Gaia is going through her own transition (the implication being something beautiful/wonderful); I haven't heard it referred to as her destruction.  Any insight would be appreciated.

Okay, I have several ideas about and answers to, your question. At the end of them, perhaps you'll have some clarity.

The earth is not going to be destroyed. That is information about one possible option. We've made our choice and as a result, the choice was made that Gaia is saved, not destroyed. The Guardian spoke of this in 2012, (it's found on the website & in the book of the same name).

The second part of that question, that remains unasked is, that part of our choice was that we save ourselves. This is what we are in the process of doing.

Gaia is going through her own physical alteration however, just as we are. These incoming energetic waves, along with the eventual solar event, changes us irreversibly. Physical earth changes are inevitable. There will be those who choose to leave certain areas because of these. There will be those who don't, for their own reasons. For many, there will be lift-offs. These will be for safety and not as permanent home destinations. It should be mentioned here that some of us may choose to return to other planetary bodies rather than earth. Each of us makes an individual choice that works.

Above all, there need not be fear as the time approaches for this shift. If your place of choice is on the new earth, you will experience her as she is reborn. She will be as glorious as we've heard. This, because we are creating her that way.

This new technology exists already and its release is included as a part of the disclosure effort. Decisions are in place and being carried out for this to occur.

My personal take on this is that the confusion lies in the combination of voices, as you mention, and events. There is a massive, earth wide event happening as Gaia hurdles towards a brand-new frequency with us along for the ride. There is a global effort towards the end of the Cabal, combined with the release of technology and hidden programs of control. There is a synchronistic awareness of consciousness.

Each of these combines to set up this perfect storm of misidentification. Although they are all happening simultaneously and affecting our lives - they are not the same event.

The best way I am finding to move through it is with a focus on what it is I most desire. I believe that those of us drawn here to this focus, are here for similar reasons. We came to help.

The most effective way to help is with an infusion of love and harmony into the surrounding area you occupy. Your light is bright. We are placed all over the planet for a reason. To anchor that light. With positive, loving emotion your light grows and eventually, reaches out to join others.

It is in that joining that the voice of the people gets louder, and together with our song of love, harmony and appreciation creates the world we hold in our deepest longing.

I hope this offers some clarity. Please reach out if there are any more questions.

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