Destroying The Illusion Update - "7.8 - Trump Tweets Podesta, Air Force Opposing Space Corps, Antarctic Energy Burst"

Published by Jordan Sather on July 8th 2017

Real News

Today's Sources:

FoxNews: "Trump hits Podesta over DNC server; ex-Clinton chair fires back" -

CNN: "Congress and the Air Force are in a space war" -

Dahboo77: "What Is This? Massive Anomaly from South America to Antarctica Caught On MIMIC" -

The Local: "Italy set to relax its controversial child vaccine law" -


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  1. FYI- Glyphosate is also used in the finishing process on wheat, hence all non organic bread is loaded with that crap. I did graphics for Jeffrey Smith's GMO documentary and current Glyphosate expose. Peace brother.