Destroying The Illusion Update - "7.6 - Big #Pedogate Advancements - Vatican UFO B.S. - Beware 7/7 False Flag"

Published by Jordan Sather on July 6th 2017

News that won't rot your mind.

Today's Sources:

RT: "Vatican's 3rd most powerful figure, Cardinal Pell, charged with multiple sex assaults" -

SputnikNews: "Italian Police Raid Drug-Fueled Gay Sex Orgy at Vatican Priest's Apartment" -

DailyMail :"Vatican police 'break up drug-fueled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis's key advisers'" -

Rolling Stone: " Close Encounters: Why UFOs Are Having a Moment" -

Independent: "France to make vaccination mandatory from 2018 as it is 'unacceptable children are still dying of measles'" -


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