Cosmic Disclosure - "Testimony on Pyramids and Underground Cities"

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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special surprise for you.

This is Pete Peterson, coming back a year later after our last taping, and there's a lot more that he's been authorized to talk about. So without further ado, I bring you Pete Peterson.

Pete, welcome to the show.

Pete Peterson: Thank you.

David: So you have so much knowledge. It's pretty amazing to try to even figure out what we could talk about first, but we were talking about this before we started.

And it seems like a good place to begin would be the fact that we have pyramids. There's over 500 pyramids in Mesoamerica made of gigantic blocks. There's over 100 to 120 of them in Egypt. And then there's many other cultures around the world that all seem to get the idea to take gigantic, multi-ton blocks of stone, carve them very precisely, and put them in these amazing monumental structures.

Everybody wants to know, what is the insider view of this? Based on your personal experience with government top secret programs, what did they speculate was going on there? Do they have any idea as to how these were built? Does it have anything to do with extraterrestrials?

Pete: Well, I'm going to divert just a little bit here at the first to explain that when I was growing up, I learned to read very early. And the things that I was most excited about was anthropology and archaeology, and King Tut's tomb was big, and etc., etc. And so I wanted to be an anthropologist/archaeologist.

Because of that, every time I've had a chance to stick my nose into ancient archaeology, I've done it.

David: Okay.

Pete: They were obviously built with alien or at least certainly far advanced knowledge from the people that built them.

David: Sure.

Pete: And not necessarily the people that ruled those societies, but at least the people that built them.

So we had a priesthood class that had a lot of knowledge. We had a scientist class that had a lot of knowledge. And they were at the top of those societies.

David: Hm.

Pete: So we had knowledge that we haven't had since that time because, eventually, these societies moved elsewhere or perished for one reason or another – many times because of getting into war with each other.

They were built because, think of it, this is a concentration of mass. Even the Earth isn't all rock, but these were all stone. They were very, very heavy.

They were built in a specific - they called it a “religious mathematical structure”.

David: Uh-huh.

Pete: There was, in their mind, a religion or philosophy-based thing to start with. Secondly, because they needed the informational structure and the informational field that was generated by this much mass in a particular shape at a place and time.

And it allowed them to do ceremonies. It allowed them to do – we'll call it – extraterrestrial communication.

David: Hm.

Pete: It enhanced the – I don't know what other words to say than – psychic talent or psychic abilities of the priesthood that used them.

David: So do you think, Pete, that there was some sort of amplification of the spiritual aspect of that civilization where the pyramid or giant stone structure was built?

Pete: Very definitely. And I think I'll call it “informational”.

David: Okay. What was the effect of spiritual, or as you say, informational, effect on that society? What would the people feel? Or how would it change them when this pyramid was built? What would that look like?

Pete: What we live in is like three separate universes that are one inside the other inside the other with no border.

David: Uh huh.

Pete: And so most of the things that we do in our life here is in two of those fields. And then the informational field is the background of it, and it's what's responsible for what religions call the soul or the spirit.

It's responsible for a good part of what goes on in things like remote viewing, remote influencing.

A lot of it goes on with leadership abilities and what we call the Cabal today . . .

David: Hm.

Pete: . . . and people who have more knowledge than the average person. They have different training. They have considerably different DNA.

They're remnants of very ancient, very, very ancient, back to probably as much as 200 million years or maybe more, of beings that have inhabited the planet at one time or another.

David: Hm.

Pete: And it's what's behind all the esoteric and spiritual writings of the world, despite what, it may seem, quite a bit different in these religions.

A religion has power only because of what it knows that the average person doesn't know.

David: So let me ask you this: What do you think is responsible for these huge stones being able to be fit into those giant structures? Graham Hancock, and guys like that, have pointed out that there's no crane that is capable of lifting those stones in today's world.

So how do you think those stones were moved?

Pete: Oh, they were moved with anti-gravity devices or anti-gravity thought.

David: What would that look like if we were there and could witness this happening?

Pete: It'd look like they were floating, and several people were moving them.

David: Some of the pyramids are widely known. The ones in Egypt, the ones in Mesoamerica, are widely known. But then we have some really strange stuff that most people don't know about, like, for example, about 100 pyramids that show up in China that have flat tops and look kind of like the ones in Mesoamerica.

Why do you think all these different cultures all over the world keep getting the same idea to build such similar-looking structures?

Pete: Well, because it's the structure that gives us its power. It gives us its capabilities. It gives us its utility to the people that are building them.

Most of the flat top pyramids had tops.

David: Hm.

Pete: As time passed, technology advanced, and they learned to build the top little pyramid that sat on the flat top, or truncated pyramids, were able to be done by, as best I can say in English, imagination.

They were actually physically present, but they were there as something imagined – something conjured.

David: Like an energetic structure?

Pete: Like an informational structure, the information structure includes physicality or not, and it includes energetics as well – the power for it. And it includes a shape knowledge.

If you look at the . . . The Tibetans are not an ancient civilization, but they have yantras or shapes that are very, very powerful that they use in their sand paintings, they use in their prayer wheels, they use in their fabrics, they use in temporary drawings that they make for powering something up and causing things to happen.

So there are some societies that call them holy charts or holy graph – 'holy', H-O-L-Y, graph.

David: Uh-huh.

Pete: And, probably, they're more powerful than physical things.

David: How were these pyramids used to communicate with extraterrestrials? How was that done?

Pete: That wasn't what their use was. I mean, they would do rites and things inside of the pyramids as holy structures.

David: Uh-huh.

Pete: Just like in the church, many people go to the church and pray at the church. So it's the center of what would be psychic or holy activity, but it isn't that they used the pyramid for that. They just do it there because it generates fields, informational fields, that are very powerful. But it doesn't work like our communication works. It's completely outside of the physical realm thing.

David: Uh-hm. Are there any pyramids that you know of, or other structures like that, that have not yet been discovered?

Pete: Oh, there are many. There's a lot of underground cities that have pyramids –

David: Hm.

Pete: – ancient underground cities. There are some that haven't been discovered. There are some that were filled up by the natural things of being underground. In other words, there have been several different floods or deluges that have washed them full of sand, or clay – a lot of clay and sand, small particles – and they're clear full, but they're buried underground.

Those have been pretty easily mapped, inadvertently, by spy satellites we've built for looking for underground laboratories.

David: Hm!

Pete: And so you see these structures underground. There are tons and tons of them that have been talked about, but nobody has done much about it, that are under the ocean.

David: Are there any pyramids in Ohio that have not been publicly disclosed?

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