Sophia Love Update - "A Conglomerate and the Shift"

Published by Sophia Love on May 30th 2017


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There are a few different articles today. You'll find a 2 part article, which was just discovered and felt delightful! I now know that even if my system of recording isn't ideal ( piles of eleven cent, multi-colored, spiral bound note books), that someone else is keeping track! I feel confident now that everyone who desires an audience will "ring back" when they are able to, and receive one!

You'll also find the first publishing of an "ask Sophia" section. If you want more of these, please send your questions to

The super-moon last week was quite intense for us here. The term refers to how close the moon is to earth, and it hasn't been this close since 2009.

What happened here was that while visiting with someone, I began to feel an energy enter my body and to feel my heart beat rapidly. When this was mentioned, the person I was with said he noticed something in the room as well. Together we stabilized the house and placed a protective grid around us. As we did this, there was a physical release that was palpable. It was gone.

I questioned later who or what did that, and was told the following:

We call them the Draco/reptilian or Archons, but there is actually more than one group feeding off of us when they can. They will show up in order to create a feeling of illness or anxiety inside of us. This can result in a type of fear response that they then ingest and amplify.

If we don't recognize the feeling as being put in to us, (instead of coming from us), we will attribute it to an illness, person or situation and carry it on all by ourselves. This works for them and is what they count on for sustenance.

The difference last week, and what is good to know, is that we became aware of it and STOPPED IT. This is huge. It was a simple thing to do, to send it away. Realize that we have all the power here, and use it.

The frequency now aided in that process and we feel better prepared for anything unwanted and potentially damaging. There is not just one thing going on for us here on earth; to be awake means to be prepared to deal with all of it. Not so very long ago, we may not have noticed or dealt with what we were seeing and feeling, but now we know we can.

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The first is a conversation that took place in October of 2016. It was not completed at that point. I discovered it this week, and decided to include it today because when I went to save it, I discovered another conversation that had been shared in March of this year with the same group, referred to as a conglomerate of different beings.

What was surprising this week, when the first conversation was re-discovered, was that I had already spoken to these beings and not realized it when the second conversation began several months later. The beings themselves never mentioned it. Yet they came for the same purpose and were referenced with the same name.

Now, that may not sound like much, but for me it was validation. It can be a challenge to keep track of all of the telepathic conversations taking place, and once they are written, I do not commit them to memory. It is only when I type them for publication that names and visions are recalled. Now there is a sort of "evidence" of specifics. It feels important. So here is the first time the conglomerate connected:

October 27, 2016

"Is there someone who wants to connect?"

Yes. We do.

Hello. Please introduce yourself.

We are a conglomerate - representatives of a conglomerate. We are made up of multiple races, many from this star cluster and a few from "a bit removed" place in another nearby star cluster.

We wanted to discuss with you, things you may be seeing and hearing and perhaps not completely comprehending. It is as if you are not getting a complete story - but part of one. This tends to confuse the listener, which in this case is you.

Kept in the dark for as long as the human has been, creates a tendency to regard outside information as black and white new truth.

Because we've been hidden from your awareness, we seem fantastic and perhaps unreal. In your limited view, things are very solid and here, or they do not (exist).

What becomes an issue in dealing with such a belief system is that there is an almost constant "gee whiz" factor present in our contact. There is no state of equality. This (is) for your average human and perhaps not so for your government and military secret programs. They are aware of us and deal with us on a regular basis.

The conglomerate I represent hopes to introduce a subject into your dialogue and into your consciousness. It is an idea of sentient life and how it exists.

I am not following.

There are ideas amongst your people that dictate much of...


And here is the second conversation, which took place in February of 2017:

Our purpose, as a group of beings together, is to help ease in to the consciousness, all of us. There are many more types than we represent. But Man has no real picture of us available and so we enter the picture for him. We are each specialist's in communication, gathered to facilitate the process for the human.

I'm sorry, I have to stop for a bit.

This conversation was not completed on this day.

February 18, 2017

"I am ready to connect. Is the Being who woke me up earlier, available?"

He is no longer ready for you and able to speak. It was a quick moment and taken available of, yet not the right one for you. He will try again, you can be sure of that.

Okay, I feel some strong energy now. Who is this?

What you feel is the force of many. Well, not many meaning hundreds but more than one and right with you now.

This has subsided a little.

Yes. We are working at this and desire communication. It is not our aim to put you to sleep.

That's great. Who am I speaking to?

We are a conglomerate. A group of Beings, gathered for a single purpose. That purpose is to facilitate a sort of welcoming for the regular human.

It is not known when we will meet in the physical, 3D world/reality. It is known that this meeting is inescapable.

The human has all but freed itself, and works now to extricate itself, from the clenches of those who controlled him for so long. This will happen when it does. There is a reality of life that is right now unfamiliar to the race.

Our group, this group, is sort of a welcoming committee. We do this for the un-awakened races that have been under control and are no longer. It is a gradual way of introducing a race to the rest of life - life they have been shielded from.

We are many types, body types. It was felt that the representation of a group of varying life forms would be best done as a small, single unit. Perhaps it helps to alleviate the shock. For it will be a shock.

You, as a race protected and shielded, do not suspect the reality of alternate life. Although your science fiction tales envision it, you relegate that to fantasy and not true.

The visions given in many stories are sometimes precise and all times close. These visions and then creations by your artists tell the stories and paint the pictures of life as it actually exists. Inspiration comes from memory and dreams and experiences forgotten - some of it is given as a direct download and then for the intention of leaking into the consciousness of man all possibilities.

In this way, the meeting of alternate life is less of a shock. This hastens communication.

Will you describe yourselves now for us?

Yes. There are six of us here now. One of us is quite tall, you'd label a giantess, as she is female. One of us with characteristics of the fish on your planet; there are scales and large eyes and a flattened sort of torso and head. One of us quite hairy; neither extremely tall nor short but similar to human average height. One of us white, all white. One of us dark skinned and hair with a square type of frame. The last one of us hard to describe. He is on the large side, his mouth is larger, proportionally, than that of a human. There is an image you hold, it is not exact, but sort of bears resemblance to this being - brown skin, no hair, large head.

We are all humanoid, but different. It will be a shock for the human to meet us and then consider us equal in every way as co-creators in this reality we occupy.

It is enough now, for you (to know) we exist.

We are, even now, perhaps years before we are needed, preparing for the contact and introductions and explanations.

We watch. We wait to see who will be the most likely candidates for these initial gatherings and introductions. We prepare ourselves and discuss the best methods.

Our goal is to facilitate a comfortable and productive engagement between species and races and planets.


This is what we wanted to say.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you for making this possible. Goodbye for now.

Goodbye then.


We are beginning something different with this edition. It is a section where questions can be answered, if possible, by me. So, without further fuss, here is the first segment of "Ask Sophia":

Is it possible at this moment of NOW to actually "BE" in more than one dimension while my body is here firmly anchored in the 3rd Dimension? Is this a sign of Earth's approaching "shift"? Will our transitional shift result in BEing in the 5th Dimension, or will there be a short period meant for more of humanity to learn to glow (I think this is a typo, and the word is meant to be "grow", but actually, glow fits as well! Sophia) once the earthly "controllers" are gone?

Thanks for this great question!

I love your word choice here "firmly anchored". It is a perfect set up for a response. The controllers have set up the system here so that it would be experienced that way, by us. Firm and solid, holding us to it as if by an anchor. Yet we are not. It is not only possible, but right now true, that we are in more than one dimension.

We are focused here to aid in the planet's transition. We can focus here from any other point in creation. It is a bit like standing on a beach, watching the sunrise. You'd say and feel that you experienced that sunrise and yet, you were many, many miles from where it actually occurred.

It feels firm, real, solid and confining. The controllers are scrambling to keep it feeling that way. Yet, just the fact of your question indicates they are losing their grip on this reality.

So, yes. It is possible to be more than one place. In my experience, the other places that we are, can be conjured up in dreams, daydreams, visions and memories. They are quite real, and it is important to remember, discuss and/or record them to amplify their reality.

Yet, they cannot show up in our "3D" days while we pay our income taxes and serve the debt-slave system by "earning a living" and conforming to various other mechanisms of control. These things, however, are quickly coming to an end.

It is a definite sign of the earth's approaching "shift". There is chaos in every false system right now as it disintegrates. They cannot be sustained in these rapid frequencies and awakened populations. It is all happening NOW. These changes being felt and noticed are a part of the transition.

What I am told is that there are enormous ships right now parked and ready for removals where and when necessary. They have moved into position and are cloaked. They can remain there for years, so this does not indicate an immediate shift, but it does mean we are getting closer.

The short period referred to in your question, is NOW. We are choosing, learning, deciding and becoming whoever we decide we will show up as once the shift is complete. There will be an actual moment of transition. The specifics of that are not something I have to share, yet I can say that we will know it as an event, a moment, a happening. As fantastic as all of this sounds, it is very real.

So, to summarize and hopefully offer a satisfying response:

You simultaneously exist in other dimensions right now. If you don't remember them, look to your dreams and imaginings and you will find them there. The feelings experienced while there, are every bit as real as the feelings experienced while here. We've been told one is fantasy and the other reality. They are all part of the life that is ours, equally real, if misunderstood.

An indication of the approaching shift is the thinning veil. This manifests as disclosures and revelations in the news and control systems, as well as our own experiences and visions. They are happening with more emphasis and regularity. All of these are signs.

We will all be in a different frequency ("4D", "5D"?) when the process completes itself. I have heard that we will choose at that point, whether or not to continue on with the planet or return to the place we may feel is more "home" for us. Many of us are star seeds, not from around here, but on earth now to assist with the shift. Once the shift happens, we may move elsewhere.

And yes, I do believe there will be a bit more of a visible "glow" to all of us once we pull this off!

I hope this offers a satisfactory response!



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