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Published by Sophia Love on June 21st 2017

Here’s what I know, which springs from what is felt, what is heard, and what is seen. We’ve entered a cloud, if not THE CLOUD of what is, for us, a brand-new frequency. It is not just earth, but all of the solar system here with us. These energies we are feeling will not dissipate. In fact, they may intensify. Welcome to the new norm.

How this has played out for me has been a sort of roller coaster; there are extremes on both ends. There are days when I’ve woken up feeling completely dark. The “reason” for the blackness was not obvious, yet it permeated everything. This could be followed by a day of amazing, all-encompassing love. Where I experienced a deep peace. Only to wake up the very next day with a myriad of physical symptoms and an experience of “hollow”. It was as if I’d been sobbing all night; my eyes were puffy and my head foggy. To say I’ve been confused by these back to back symptoms is an understatement.

Subsequent conversation and contemplation leads to this. We are in it to win it; the only way out is through. What this feels like is a sort of “dark night of the soul”. Our deepest emotional and physical addictions are showing up now to greet us with full force. In order to move past them, we have to confront them. They will not be ignored, and they are not coming with us.

This plays out differently for each of us, yet at the core of every addiction is fear. We have the opportunity now to change everything by letting that go. It is the only way to move successfully in concert with our new frequency.

So, actually, if you’ve been struggling lately for reasons that are unclear, it’s a good thing. It means that you are on board for this shift. You need to lighten your load and let go of some baggage. I know, I know, it feels like “Again? More? Will this ever end?” Yes, yes, and yes.

The first step is to recognize the unnecessary and unhelpful thought. It will sound something like: “Here it comes again, I’m sick.” “How will I ever find the money I need?” “The world is a mess! It will never improve.” “I am not safe.” “I am surrounded by evil.” And so on…

These inner thoughts can be turned around in whatever way that works for you; with immediate and constructive images and thoughts. These thoughts and visions don’t have to deny the current situation, but instead work around it.

What I do when they show up, is to imagine myself refusing a drink at a bar (which is my visual for any addiction that is showing up). I then visualize myself feeling and looking great, relaxed, laughing and sharing with lots of people who are also feeling and looking great! I get real specific, with outfits and locations, so that I can feel it. If I am having physical symptoms accompanying the addictive thought, I will take natural or homeopathic remedies to soothe them; really doing this, not visually.

I’ve been getting outside more, moving around more in nature. I consistently intend; meditation provides the backdrop for my days. These are infused with visuals of places I choose to be and an all-encompassing peace. I use any and all methods to retain this state, day and night, upon waking and before going to sleep at night.

Make no mistake, the real work we came for is upon us now. We are creating the world we shift into. The controllers are panicked and throwing every fear based dialogue they can at the collective. They will not create or build with these ideas, but destroy. These new frequencies are ripe with creative potential. It is upon us to seize them and expand them. We are equipped right now to do so; our heart supplies the necessary fuel.

Adjust your expectations and embrace the possibilities that are before you. It’s okay to notice the fear. Then use it to create what it is you desire. Your power to do so extends as far as you believe it does. Believe, intend, and then witness your expectations. This is what you came for.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,

PS I’m so excited to announce the beginning of another series of Love Quests next month!  They ended several years ago with a group of about 5,000 + of us!  At that time, it felt as if we had explored about as far as we could.  These new energies herald depths of love not experienced before on earth.  It is time for another Quest!  Look to my blog and face book page for announcements!  Please support my work with a newsletter subscription and book purchase!  Details can be found at my store, click here! Much gratitude for your support and book reviews!
 (I love the turtle, his expression is perplexed, maybe crabby, but determined and he's still going!!!)

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