Lisa Transcendence Brown Update - "Enhanced Christed StarGate Systems: This Passageway Week Has Been a Doozie as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper and My Own Personal Cleansing Process too" - May 14th 2017

Published by Lisa Transcendence Brown on May 14th 2017

The two go hand-in-hand....

On a Mega-Multi-Dimensional level, we have been experiencing/doing a lot to clear old grid systems of any "heavy" suppression energies to complete this week long process of Crystalline StarGate Integrations, which is a huge level-up for us all. Going through it can be very taxing, challenging and throw us for a loop, even for the intentionally conscious, if you will....

What this last week has been accomplishing on a Gridwork/Gatekeeper and Collective/Personal level is huge. Today marks one full week of what has been a 3-stage process from activation to alignment to completion of a Christed/Unity/Crystalline StarGate System, which "targeted" any suppressions to purify/cleanse so that we can shift into a much LIGHTER (density) timeline... and powerful is an understatement for sure. Threw me for a loop.... Awareness is KEY, and going back to basic consciousness-shifting skills has been as well.

Last Sunday, we had Stargates activate (inner/outer, galactic, inner earth, inside us/our field, in Gaia... ALL.... I wrote a bit about this initiation phase of our Stargate Systems no longer being suppressed as all went through "Christing" the StarGates, basically.... What I didn't realize was how much it was going to trigger to surface and that it was going to take all week (we will see if today completes or if there is more to this process)....

On Wednesday, the WESAK Full Moon, we went FULL ON POWER for Phase 2 of this Christ'ing of our StarGate Systems, which meant a whole new aligning on a much higher level/Lighter Density than ever before. This means "nothing can pass through" that is not of Christed Energy. All things suppressed (in the physical body and Gaia) have been activated to purify and cleanse. That day, I was "inoperable", having to shut down completely and observe the complete re-configuration process and allow my whole body-being to integrate as "fast" as it "came through". I had to shut all electronics off, pull completely away and sleep to integrate instantly too. This is the "new standard", instant clearing of our fields, instant integration, instant everything... which means we are so not able to push through the biggies, which are a regular thing daily now.

The two days after and much of yesterday, we cycled through timelines, cycled through old programming, cycled through to clear. These plasma energies WEIGHT EVERYTHING to make unconscious/density "heavier" for faster realization/feeling/releasing/dissipation to occur. My new words to describe that I offer are "Heavy & Light". To dissolve any hidden remnant ego-victim-battle-fear-doubt-separation/unconscious mentalities, we choose FEELING polarity words to describe a processes (transcending limiting mindsets) and WEIGHT is now how these frequencies present. We do this to transcend the "battle" of dark & light within ourselves, therefore "out there", when WE are ready to transcend all duality realities from within. Everything returns to PURITY/PURE Light and UNITY-LOVE again).

The whole week has dug deep inside to go straight to any suppressed cellular programs still hidden/held. We are always surprised then old programming surfaces, especially the "biggies"... They are energetically intense, yet necessary for us to dissolve, dissipate, cleanse, clear that which kept us all bound to denser/unconscious realities still..... (inside and out there). Our materialization on higher density planes of existence for us to experience all new higher dimensional timeline realities means that lower vibrational physical density must be dissolved (de-materialize) to become etheric (dissipate) back into organic energy/nature form....

Today, again, was super intense to awaken to the heavy "work" we've been doing all week to shift/transcend and release all of this pent-up energy that we had no idea was there. For me, it was all "pre-2012", going back to the "beginning" of when I first started to awaken (2009) & before, entering my own "Dark Night of the Soul" (we've since changed these words to "Death of our Ego-Self/Releasing Suppressed Separation from Source-Self" to re-identify the understanding of what this really is.... as our SOUL is PURE. The rest is our separation from this from within. ♥ Observing as remnant programs surfaced, as the Earth & Galactically this remnant suppression was released on a collective level as well... fears, doubts, attachments, any victim-hood, no happy/magic/joy/home connection available much of the time, with our heads on a rampage and the power of the emotions that needed to be felt, honored and released from the physical body and the acknowledgement of these separation feelings as they were.... Luckily each only lasted a couple of hours intensity-wise and the ability to shift during was not there.... observing through it and knowing it was going and all would shift soon..... I'd get up and go do something to take my mind and body elsewhere to shift the heaviness of the whole morning after deep sleep work. My go-to each time was some cleaning (movement meditation for the strong masculine monkey-mind) and out in the sun with Andaras to instantly shift out of it and relaxing my mind to completely let go. Today, the first few hours of waking up were beyond separated/disconnected after another intense sleep clearing process. It took about 2 hours for all to clear, StarGates activate and re-connection to occur and return to ease, happy and gratitude fully from within. To "not feel home" inside was weird. I "remembered" the days of "before" home was within again...... I had forgotten what it was like, it had been so long... and I'm happy to not have to experience this on a regular basis anymore.... not since 2010 (and all years before leading up to then), other than an occasion random blip when we are shifting..... These bigger template integrations of all new codes are challenging to experience until they are complete.  They are continual now, which means re-acclimating to accomplish with greater ease. Simplification is necessary. Now I see why the May Energy Report was as it was... lol. Every moment is about how we can simplify everything now.

Yesterday, the words were "We can't bring this with us" and seeing all that is being "purged" from the physical (Mother Earth Gaia and our Earthly Bodies too), so that all can shift collectively to a much LIGHTER TIMELINE than before, with these Enhanced StarGate Systems coming online now.

Simplifying our lives, letting go easier, dissolving everything that is no longer aligned is a continual process as we move into highest vibrational existence and anchor more of our HIGHEST REALM EVERYTHING with Galactic Gaia/our bodies to merge Heaven and Earth as ONE here. All lower vibrations are being WEIGHTED with these plasma frequencies that show where any polarity is. The physical'ness of "heavy and light" simultaneously, has the body confused sometimes as it works to re-calibrate and re-balance the magnetics with less density present in every capacity now.

As we complete this week long passageway, energetic intensity was necessary for this huge up-shift as all re-calibrates and re-aligns. All new codes, all new everything.... out with the old.... Observing higher vibrating StarGate Systems free of any suppression is beyond powerful for this means for us all now!

I'll share more as we go. I'm sill energetically cleansing too, happy re-connected to all as ONE AGAIN with my whole being, instead of just "knowing" while the rest of me "went through hell"..... lol....

Stargates active.... body-field alignments have been going strong all day to shift us all into new timelines without any previous limits, without deep-rooted remnants that might have still held us to old mentality realities physically without our knowledge. Our Crystalline Gridwork is activating and bringing us all back online again, with a whole new upgraded StarGate System to match this system so all can now align substantially in even more ways easier for us all.

Honor your process/you, use your basic shifting skills/tools to get you through. These are imperative for the "tougher times". While others might be playing in bliss and magic in their timeline, as a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper, this was an intense dedication week for us to do the work that we came here to do. I had to let all of my physical in-service work-work go and DOing for anyone... accomplishing linear anything was not an option and daily becomes more challenging as we continually move into much higher frequency bandwidths on a daily basis...

Whew! I know I'm ready to drop all that represents density and jump like never before! How about you? ♥ Let's do this loves! Happy magical everything. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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