Published by Lisa Transcendence Brown on May 7th 2017

We awoke to StarGates activating and synchronizing and an UPGRADE to our StarGate Systems too! The actual StarGates are being gridded with Crystalline/Diamond Light Encodements, which is exquisite wow.....

These StarGate systems were "suppressed", offline and defunct for so long (because that was our chosen human experience/experiment here). As Crystalline Gridkeepers & Gatekeepers we are continually working to upgrade/integrate/activate/hold and anchor more for all of us as ONE here. While we intentionally & continually vibrate higher to hold this immense light and these intricate encodements in our own Physical Body Templates/Forms and keep our fields Pure and Clear. This allows us to integrate faster and easier.... and to synchronize instantly as we do.

As Guardians, these StarGate Systems have been a huge part of our work here. It's continual process that we activate as we live as Christed/God/Source/Creator BEings here. Our own expanded/multi-dimensional consciousness gives us access to all again. Holding the absolute highest state of consciousness at all times is KEY. For the rest is easy, simple and not convoluted like in the days of the old.

These highest timelines that are always available & become visible as we open up. The "doing" is for our HUman (Earthly Body) roles (to clear our own Karmic programs/residue/unconscious programs), for fulfilling our Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions to merge with our physical one here.

So many do not realize that all impurities from all existences must be PURIFIED from within us in absolutely every way. The purification of our physical body form, cleansing the emotions/mental programming that we all held deep within to bring our own SOUL fully from within..... There is a reversal and an "overcoming" of everything that occurs for each to complete each passageway/gateway/initiation process for Full Embodiment here.

Walking as a SOUL, means recognizing your own human'ness and transcended all of this, constantly/continually to RETURN to an existence forgotten. This is called REMEMBERING, waking up from the amnesia and anchoring the higher realms/dreams into the physical for all to merge/unify for higher dimensional existence....

Walking as a Galactic, means letting go of the separation between "you and them". It means activating your knowledge & wisdom from your "other" existences and holding it in your Body/Field Consciousness here. It means being that thing you used to fear.... yet always knew that you WERE, but couldn't get past the judgment or the arrogance to be the BENEVOLENT PURE GALACTIC here.

Each Galactic will have to do the deep SOUL work, each Soul will have to activate their Galactic aspects too. Each human must relinquish their limited perceptions & beliefs, resistance and "putting this on everyone else" to become fully transparent, fully visible, fully responsible for why you are even here......

Each must merge/unify their Galactic & Soul aspects into the human form here. Dissolving the separation of "that out there" and bringing all fully from within.

The human mind remembering and the whole heart/soul/body REMEMBERING are very different experiences..... One is a story we tell, the other is a WAY OF BEING.....

As Souls, we hold Sacred Connection at our CORE. This Christed Stargate Integration that's occurring today, will activate an initiation process for many to MERGE/UNIFY their Soul & Galactic Aspects in full UNION now..... the further dissolution/dissolving of any separation that was still being held.....

The PURIFICATION of our StarGate Systems for all to return to PURITY again. Our highest existence requires that we merge all/unify all back into the PUREST FORM of LOVE again. ♥

For others, this is a completion process now. Each will determine this for how they EXIST all of the time and the CONSCIOUSNESS held fully and expanded out from within. ♦

Happy activating, upgrading, integrating and merging all within your physical form for moving to higher vibrational timelines in the physical now~ I love you~ ♥ Keep shining & sharing your light! ♫

Lisa Transcendence Brown


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