Aug Tellez Update - "Willfull Ignorance, The Lower-Dimensional Linear Time Reincarnation Trap and Coming Events" - May 19th 2017

Published by Aug Tellez on May 19th 2017

It’s all about free-will and choice today. Those who are unaware are choosing to be that way through their own free-will and the application of their will-power. There are no accidents and this is all leading up to something.

The commonly accepted idea for those in the know is that there will be a lower number of physical bodies to incarnate on this Earth plane and so there must be a mass ‘ascension’ to beyond the need for a physical anchor otherwise things will be uncomfortable for a period of time and that this may disrupt things in the long run.

Those who accelerate achieve synchronization with a future civilization where there is continuous resolve. Those who are willfully ignorant today would not do well in such a situation and so they remain at the lower physical or lower energetic level and thus the vicious cycle continuous where there is a a greater pressure for incarnation than there is the opportunity and thus am imbalance is developed like a boiler tank where the energy wants to escape but does not have the immediate, appropriate channels through which to navigate and propel themselves forward.

That is the basis for the lower dimensional and the physical realm reincarnation trap whereby one must move past these levels but they must also advanced their spiritual awareness in order to do so, merging their conscious self and the eternal self closer together in a divine union.

The notion here is that one must achieve full self-control in the face of desires, temptation, lack of clarity and focus (self-referential awareness, self-awareness) to move into wholeness of being and harmonize mind and body, to overcome fear and short-sightedness, to awake the ability to sense spiritually and through a refined and sensitive moral compass, to overcome time and conscious illusion, to find the inner peace of compassion and non-resistance, and to learn to stabilize, discipline, and protect one’s mind from the temporal dilation, perceptual distortion of the intermediary bardo style realms between the physical and the high spiritual plane (“Heaven” or high frequency ‘land’, points of the pyramid instead of the base, points of the radiation spectrum instead of the lower vibratory ranges).

The highest goal is to become affluent with the language of all realms, being able to cycle through and more across the whole spectrum of reality, vibration and frequency, correctly interpreting and managing low energy vibrations when confronted and appropriately applying one’s will towards expressing and achieve high-energy or frequency states of wholeness, when seeking to fulfill one’s spiritual or psycho-etheric sense of health.

This is the foundation for certain practices of the original secret societies to test and accelerate one’s progress through the spiritual layers so that they can merge with the highest potential civilization through this.

Many were infiltrated, if not all, with the sheer lack of focus and clarity in the face of such challenging information and truth such as the possibility of the physical realm closing out for all but the highest spiritually developed beings.

Thus many became entrenched in the darkness which now pervades this world. However, the original goal was and is to produce the highest spiritually aware potential of a person by overcoming fear and temptation towards lower desire through the application of knowledge, self-control, and creativity through free-will, truth and compassion as self-referential moral compasses quite literally guiding one through fields of navigation and extra-dimensional measurement to arrive at that future civilization of harmony.

There is no truth death, however eons where souls are spent in the waiting room tends to degrade them and thus we have the old parables about the light and the oil as the spiritual fluid (preserve the seed) in the vessel and the necessity to accelerate one’s consciousness to merge the body-consciousness with the highest sense of refined information so that the two data-bases combine and become one inferential force intertwined thus carrying the mortal soul in the mortal body into the liberation of immortality and spiritual everlasting or regenerative qualities.

These qualities are literally mathematical and qualitative expressions of self and free-will that fold one’s energy in such a way so as to braid the mind and the feeling or heart and propel one’s self through the generation of such an extra-dimensionally formatted stream of data in the omniverse which passes between the energetic or frequency barriers between wavelengths literally enabling one, as the radio frequency, to consciously jump between radio-systems that exist in adjacent parallel realms on the other end of the multi-verse.

Everything is for this truth, to move beyond the lower, to get over these challenges, to overcome and spiritually overgrow. This is the universe, it’s all one system, we don’t leave, we merge with higher frequency bands and expand our scope of time and consciousness.


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