Aug Tellez Update - "Secret Space Program and the Flat Earth, A Program to Induce Infighting" - May 15th 2017

Published by Aug Tellez on May 15th 2017

This could seem semi-depressing to some but I shaped up and depersonalized some emotionally triggered comments I sent to some people who found it hilarious to make fun of the abuse of humanity and the enslavement of their entire bloodline in a false-reality construct.

Research the secret space program. Watch the videos with OffPlanet radio. If you believe they went to the moon then you believe we did as well. Which we very well did, but if you knew what it was you wouldn’t be sitting where you are in that house. You’d have head for the hills long ago. Maybe that is a good thing, then, that you don’t know?

The people running the show consider themselves the owners of humanity until humanity makes the choice to be self-responsible for their own actions and behaviors. Until then, everything that people experience is programmed for them through a massive “show”. In the projects we directly interacted with the earlier civilizations that formed both models of the universe from the alternative to the mainstream and those who soul’d humanity the false reality model. In this age, if people are asleep, then this is a choice. Everything is free-will. The false-authority pretends to have the power to permit or block people from realizing the truth. Yet, until they choose for themselves, then that false-power is a reality for them. Until then, people are food, cannon fodder, energy for the artificial intelligence system that runs this universe.

War and pestilence is literally the parameter limit for the population to be kept as animals in an electromagnetic cage. War occurs on all levels, from emotional and mental to physical. Some might say the emotional-mental war is the actual war that effects the true essence of one’s being, whereas if there was only physical war then that system would’ve ended long ago. As well, if there was no emotional-mental war, then there would be no physical war possible.

Your children of war are the sacrifices to the false-authority. Everything those plugged into the system can imagine is a program. Without the ability to literally comprehend what exists beyond the program, they are literally trapped here within a consciousness containment system. Be aware, most people don’t even realize how mind-controlled they are. Every alternative comprehension is just a new religion. People either think there is a dome or they think there is a hyperbolic void-space. Those who believe there is a dome say there is no moon landing. Yet, in the early flat Earth model the moon and sun are WITHIN the “dome”. Everything they believe is the same as gears within a device that was programmed to carry out specific functions. They cannot even see the contradictions in their own preprogrammed beliefs.

Those who think that way, without critical focus on what it actually means to be them, are considered property of the control system, an asset no different than a pet or a series of bank-accounts. Until one proves you are awake they are not in control of anything and their inability to read or process data about their environment is proof of this. That is how some people are considered ‘autonomous’ or ‘sleeping’ or ‘non-player character’ people that are a generated, programmable life form.

This whole realm is programmable.

Try to imagine that, in the flat Earth model, the sun and moon are within the dome. The secret space program is run by the people who invented the flat earth model. No one gets it, they can’t see past their own egos, it’s the perfect joke.

In the holographic model, the universe is viewed as a giant supercomputer operated via holographic-fractal computational code.

If the Earth is infinite flat, then it is a hyperbolic system where the edges just stretch out forever. If this is true then it’s consciousness which projects the land, your observation generates more space. This then leads consciousness to being a primary function or operator of the supercomputer holographic system of the universe. Then the language of that system is next. Think about these things people, that is what the secret societies know. They ensure you fight over who gets to be ruled the next the hardest so that you never figure out the truth.

If you would guess, what would you say is on the other side? How does the system work? Work on answering that question if you want true freedom based on what you’re looking at here. Another related question: Where does the first human come from? How does Earth come into being? How does time function to enable consciousness? So on and so forth, these are all part of the system. There is something “beyond” that system, because everything that is experienced here must be a part of something larger. That larger system is your answer. Another series of questions could be, “What are stars?” What is the light from stars? As well, why is the speed of light what it is and how is that determined? What is the quantum observer effect? Think about the answers and come to your own conclusion based on logic and truth.

This is literally what the Three Phases of the Unveiling is about. I’m not going force you to be aware. That comes later and I’m not interested in that role. Someone is though.

Three Phases of the Unveiling

This is what we found.

Do you understand what makes this possible? Do you understand the implications of what you are if the distant sources of light are represented as such?

This is all to help you wake up now. Most people will either be modified per transhumanism or they will awaken to a spiritual essence similar to the cymatics that allows you to change form, returning to your original essence while casting off the literal decay and disease programming that enables death and destruction via cosmic ignorance.

All else dissolves in this plane. Those who say there is no space? Well guess what. That means that if they stay in a body here, they dissolve into the background radiation of the universe. No one gets out alive. However, if you are modified, then that will work, yet your DNA will be owned by the company that provided the interdimensional data processing system. A predicament they are born in.

“Space” is a null-processing area outside this plane which is one abstract dimension away from physical matter. It is the next layer of a kaleidoscope and is literally a matter of a hall of mirrors and an array of light diffraction, not a void with rocks floating through it, that is impossible and does not make sense. However not ever finding out what it is beyond that is similarly insane and renders one’s consciousness trapped here because consciousness is the ‘space ship’.

This has to do with time. Your ability to observe time for what it is, one moment, correlates to one’s ability to see through the facade of ‘space’ as a ‘dark void’ where things float. The dark void is within you and contains the blue print for the so-called ‘reality’ which is nothing more than a clever arrangement of holo-fractal interactions of light. That is the trap, an infection of the mind that has humanity lost at ‘sea’. Humanity being lost at sea is literally what enables the control system to own human life as chattel, as property, where they are literally the booty of ‘space’ pirates who are actually interdimensional through spiritual knowledge and advanced technology. Yet, if one considers these techno-gods to be the creators, then they have already unconsciously accepted their plans for you.

In short, humanity is in a data processing system that uses consciousness as input for the next layer of the processing that is used to remedy the questions, the ‘continuity glitches’ in physical experience. The so-called ‘controllers’ are literally gatekeepers or bouncers to the realm who are designed to keep pushing the humans back every time one becomes consciously aware that they are in a false-reality.

Through war and scarcity, humanity has been bludgeoned into stupefaction expecting the TV and media to tell them everything they need to do and know when these are actually mind control system. What one believes determines the layer of the control system as the collective consciousness level determines the next phase of the ‘simulation’. Until people rise out of the animalistic trap, they will remain here in a poisoned, toxic, zombie-land. The more they fight, the more they are signed up to experience war, destruction and terror because their beliefs and actions are unconscious agreements, literal contracts to those who own the monetary and legal system which is actually a cover for a soul-stealing or spiritual enslavement system. Thus, the belief, the fear, the energy the human emits, is used to sustain the system and these controller entities.

That is what the ancient texts are trying to warn you of years ago. However all the materials are now infiltrated with the mind virus and will introduce subconscious codes to remain asleep and continue fighting, sacrificing, and carrying out acts of evil. Evil is simply that which traps one or another into the false reality through ignorance or fear. People are originally immortal however the mind virus altered their ‘light codes’ or simply the DNA to introduce decay, disease, death and ignorance which severs the physical body from the soul-level of light and awareness which at the highest, or true actual level is spiritual. Thus, the bodies slowly die after living a life of ignorance and war with the truth.

This entire realm is generated out of an interaction of electromagnetic waves and scalar technology producing a spaciotemporal distortion field and this is literally taking a few years worth of time in the original reality. All of human history is literally a ‘blink’ of an eye because that is the nature of time compression or time dilation within an artificial realm. You are under a ‘dome’, yet within a “grid” and until one moves their consciousness ‘off the grid’, then their future is preplanned and their very move or behavior is literally programmed from external processing systems.

This is what we interacted with directly and the system is intelligent and will rearrange your life and memory to keep you trapped here. There are specific methods for awakening but fear and ignorance, fighting and animal behavior keeps one within the grid.


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