Aug Tellez Update - "The Message of What is to Come"

Published by Aug Tellez on May 28th 2017

Those in the projects have literally watched the whole world die time after time. We have our memories wiped to come live on the surface at the end and my memories were returned at a facility which processes the neural recordings of humanity by the millions in conjunction with the current largest supercomputers and experimental particle research systems. The consciousness recordings are literally transmitted here from the previous timeline and there are agencies that manage this transmission and receiving of information between world-lines.

There is change coming. Most know it is a cleansing. How this plays out is up to the individual, however for the public the idea is usually the same. There is a great cleansing of the population, only the strongest survive. Of the innocent, only those who maintain their sanity through the darkest experiences of the visible and invisible universe will remain.

The societies know and teach this. Every so many thousand years there is a “restriction” upon the amount of living bodies on the surface and thus the surrounding realms are ‘packed’ with those lining up for a physical experience. These “waiting” realms akin to ‘game lobbies’ are literally also managed by the societies. This is done through the recording and extrapolation of internal and external energies that always synchronize to bring about a particular world-role, archetype, or person on the physical plane. They know who’s coming where, when and what is to be achieved by their arrival.

The future is shaped by the groups who are merely fine tuning the strings of the instrument that is perpetually vibrating out the sounds of reality and change.

There is literally a map that is one the walls of one of the departments units which depicts the future state of the world. This is synonymous with the skull on the desk. We are to be reminded of what we’re here for, the temporary quality of this current age, and what is required to remain.

One’s heart must be pure, their intentions focused on truth, self-awareness, knowledge, compassion, harmony, free-will and creativity. The heart will either defile the spirit through degradation and depravity or will be uplifted by spirit by being as light as the initial cause of pure creation or observation.

We are heading into “the” times. At any case, people will be upgraded, by the majority. If they are around. If that does not happen, then it is because changes have been introduced which will bring about the civilization reset that has occurred time and time again. This civilization reset cannot occur again otherwise the entire collective memory will be wiped forever.

This society, or some remnant of it must survive to achieve liberation at the next octave in order to secure humanity’s place in the universe (the real, not the replay machine). We have been replaying as part of a time loop which is synonymous to waves in a wave pool. The waves being generated are literally history echoing out of a device that converts variation into structured change which is experienced as time. All the pieces are still here and always have been, they just become reconfigured to match one frequency level of clarity over noise of one society or age or another.

The only way to survive is to complete the process and achieve full awareness throughout all levels simultaneously. That is why they are constructing the devices to link all times together. If that goes right, it could fracture the minds of all who cannot handle the truth shimmering in front of them with the guards and hounds of all realms before them. If that goes wrong, everything could continue until there is a fizzling out of variety and the transhumanist agenda becomes the best bet to ensure conscious stability.

This is why the majority turn dark. It’s easier to feed on the destruction and chaos than it is to hold on to that tiny sliver of harmony during this aspect of the process.


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