Aug Tellez Update - "Energy Vampirism and the Internet" - May 23rd 2017

Published by Aug Tellez on May 22nd 2017

When people go all nutty, the trick is to simply observe and not get emotionally entangled. That entanglement on the *inside* is actually the loosh response that tethers them spiritually to this realm and ultimately all vampiric acts are sanctioned by lower energy interdimensionals as that is how the whole system works.

To see what is taking place from a perspective of reason is the key. If someone disagrees or says something out of place that could be seen as incorrect, then simply ask for clarification. “What example, exactly is the reason you’re saying this?” How do you know this, is this something you’ve experienced directly?” “What’s the reason for this, is there a line of logic behind these assumptions?” “What information exactly, what are you referencing with these statements?”

Then blanket states and general derogatory abuse become nullified as the individual can’t bring forth any valid response without first linking back to the initial expression that they simply disagree or are projecting negative emotion! Through this, the deceivers always present themselves because the deception is not based in truth or actual experience but a detraction from actual experience or reasoning and a projection of one’s own imbalanced emotions or suffering onto another person who they realize doesn’t have the same suffering. It’s literally a vampiric process of energy harvesting and the whole internet is alight with that. Do not involve yourself.
All one is to do is to say their peace and stand firm in the truth and know that this has been done. That’s all

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