Shekinah - "An Open Letter to the People of Planet Earth" - May 16th 2017

Published by Shekinah on May 14th 2017

As I woke up this morning I was overwhelmed with sadness, I reached out to my higher self to ask what is wrong and what this feeling was. The message was that the time has come to be open and honest about who I am, about who we really are. Many will find this letter upsetting and will perceive it as “We, the Galactic’s think we are above you or better than you”. That is far from the truth I am writing this letter because our divine mother and father of creation is crying today, especially our mother because her heart is aching for her children. An ache and deep sadness because she feels so helpless. Any mother who loves her children and sees them hurting each other; knowing that there is nothing she can do to help anymore, is a pain no mother wants to feel; no parent wants to see their children suffer.

I have incarnated on planet earth and have taken off my wings to help you, the people of earth. Whether anyone wants to believe this or not is totally a matter of choice. I am one of the highest commanding officers that serve on the Galactic Federation of light, but I have an earth vessel in this incarnation and I have chosen to incarnate into an experience we in the galactic realms would consider a living hell. I have chosen this experience to aid in the release of the karma of planet earth that have been accumulated for eons. As a child, I was abused my entire life by the woman who helped me to enter this world, she neglected me and physically abused me. However, because of our souls, we love unconditionally. Having this kind of love can be a punishment in a way that it hurts so much being treated so badly by the person you love more than anything, but it can also be the greatest gift we are all capable of receiving, the gift of unconditional love. And because I was abused as a child I married a man that was not physically abusive, but emotionally abusive to me and I had children with him. I lived my entire human life until my awakening, experiencing abuse to transmute the karma and for all to move forward and ascend. Now that I have fully awakened and this cycle is completed I feel compelled to share more news with all of you. Even though I suffered this abuse I chose love. I chose to love my mother even though she abused me and I have forgiven her and I have also forgiven my ex-husband and I pray for them every day because to find God is within all of us. God is love and if we all come back to love the world we live in can change. We all want to live in a better world but no one is taking responsibility for anything. The human condition is as such that they always think someone else will intervene to save this planet. There is only guidance but there will be no interference without consent. If the Galactic’s or external forces intervene will we be accepted in peace or will humans fight to protect what they have created on this planet. Will you be open to help and not react with greed?

Let me tell you what life is like in our realm, we honour all life with consciousness. No life force is destroyed in anything we do. We are essene fruitarians, what does this mean? This means that we eat only what grows from the trees and from the ground. Even if we pick our fruits, seeds and crops we do not destroy the life force because we understand that we are all connected. We give thanks to our planet and all plants that we can share with. Our vibration is always high so we do not need to eat as much. We do not eat our animals, we honour them because they are in harmony with the planet we consider them our teachers. We all help each other in everything we do. We work to maintain our planet and to live in harmony with mother nature, we do not work to make money. It hurts us to see that humans think they need money to help each other. All these things that have been created on earth will cause destruction. Humans destroy everything. You kill your animals and then you have created packaging to contain the meat. All the packaging for things you do not really need and you throw this on your beloved planet that you think you own. You are not even capable of creating technologies that can destroy all the plastic you have made. We live to preserve our consciousness and that of the planet. We only take from our plants and the earth what we need and we prepare our food the same time as we pick them and we say thank you. We live in gratitude with each other and we honour each being’s gifts. We are all beings of consciousness, we all have different shapes and sizes from all over the galaxy. We honour each other’s unique gifts, like a rainbow there is all different colours no colour is better than the other but together they form a beautiful rainbow. That is how we live in the entire galaxy. We do not need money as we are aware of how powerful we are, we are creators, but here on Earth you are destroyers.

How can you all kill each other, you do not think? All of you are being told what to do and no one questions these atrocious acts. You honour your soldiers, what are they fighting for? The people you allow to control you make you believe that you own your country, the area you claim ownership of on the different parts of this planet. And whoever sets foot on your piece of land is an immigrant, and these people are perceived as a threat because you do not want to share your resources. And you honour the soldiers who go and kill these people in their own piece of land and create wars because of your greed. Why are those people not welcome in your countries or your land? No one owns this planet she is a being and she is consciously evolving. The men on your planet rape and abuse women, In the galactic realms, the feminine is honoured because without the feminine there can be no life.

Those of you who are aware of the evolution of this planet is a step ahead. As we proceed to the 5th dimension, there can be no space for the 3rd dimension energy. Yes, to live in the 5th dimension is blissful, because only love can exist in this higher dimension. What everyone does not realise is that not all can exist in this dimension. Will lives be lost? Yes, sadly it will, this will be a time of great cleanse. Ego, fear, greed, hatred, these are all 3rd dimension energies and there is so much more that needs to go that is considered of a lower fear based dimension. The most important thing is to forgive those who have lied to you and for those who have abused you. Forgiveness does not mean that we are saying it is ok to be treated in a bad way, it simply means you are liberating yourself to move on. And then the next choice we can make is to live a conscious life where we honour ourselves and every other being including our beloved Gaia. To love ourselves enough to see ourselves as part of an entire family, part of a collective where we can live in harmony with all. To be awake does not mean we are better than anyone else, it means we have a bigger responsibility. There are the ones who are awake or claim they are that still judge those who are trapped. We cannot wait for anyone to change the fate of humanity, we are responsible for this. If no one wants to take responsibility who will? Our mother is in pain she is suffering, she is crying because she feels like she is helpless. Everyone is waiting for the event; the event is nothing like you are all imagining. It is time we act; the time is now to look within. We can make a difference starting today. If we all decide to act in kindness to every person we meet, than we can make a difference.

There is enough for all on this planet, if we live to preserve our vibration, the vibration of Love the world can change tremendously. We will become creators of this planet; our goal should not be to make money but rather to look after each other and our planet. Mother earth can provide us with all we need, no human being is above another. The sooner we all realise that the better we will live in harmony with each other. Every person is unique and we all have unique gifts we can utilise, that is the purpose of ascension to activate our DNA. We all have super powers and with those powers we can create a better world where we can live in harmony. But it is a choice each and every one of us have to make, let us not wait for the help let’s make a difference today in our own communities, to be kind is free to give love is free.


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  1. Shekinah. I feel your letter. Although it is hard for me to belive that you have come from some other planet or dimension. There is so much that humankind just dose not understand. We are fed lies as truth and told that the truth is lies. It seems as if are programed to be enslaved to money from birth. Blind faith is a problem for us. We need absolute truth and nothing less because most of what we can see is all lies. I have hope that we will live in this love and harmony that you speak of someday. I know in my heart that we are meant to be that way. Thank you for being a voice of love in this world full of hate.