Zap Update - "The Office of Poofness" ONE MORE NIGHT - April 18th 2017

Published by Hobie on April 18th 2017

From: "The Office of Poofness" <>
Date: Tue, April 18, 2017 8:59 pm

Zap Says

Hi All,

I waited until I received the information regarding our funds and their progress, and they will be in the paymaster’s hands tomorrow night. We are now in the final days waiting but we desperately need to look after Mary and her shelter for next nights. Same goes for Lisa, Peter, and Sergey. They are in the same predicament as we stretched everything we could to keep stability over Easter with what we had, and we almost did it. The only casualty is me as I gave my rent and food money to the cause, but I had to. I can do pasta for a few days, but they have nothing. We are so close now that asking is difficult but I have no choice. Very sorry to have to do this one more time. I am so grateful for you being there for these good souls.

God Bless and thanks again.

Love and Light

in Our service


PS on a side note, I received confirmation that a few people received a down payment on their Zim last night – this is in keeping with the other intelligence that has come in over the weekend, so it looks like all the activity there is finally drawing to conclusions…good sign of times ahead


Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn't do this Without Your Help.!!! Please go to using the account address: to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal and sending a donation please send an e-mail to so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. We appreciate all the help you continue to provide in keeping food on people's tables, medical needs met, computers running and shelter .

With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

"The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff


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