Transpicuous Views - Dimensions, Timelines and Spheres with Stan X of The Sphere Alliance Data Collectors - April 19th 2017

Published by Dani Arnold Mckenny on April 19th 2017

I recorded this conversation April 7 2017 with Denice and "Stan". Prior to this conversation were several chats and a massive amount of information that, for me, stemmed from a particularly interesting article which I will post below the video. Along with the Chat log from Denice and I's conversations that spanned a couple of days.

Magnetics..... it seems that so many topics and conversations are bringing this aspect of energy/force front and centre into our awareness. There is so much that perhaps we don't know... yet feel so strongly!

For all the background information, links, and images please go to HERE:

Source: Removing The Shackles YouTube Channel

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