Sophia Love - Readers Questions Answered by Higher Beings for April 2017

Published by Sophia Love on April 14th 2017

I have some questions. They are from readers and for different beings or groups of beings. Is this a time they could be answered?

It is Sophia. Yes. You've tapped in now and are prepared we notice. Please, go ahead with these questions.

Okay, thank you. Here is the first question. It is directed at the "Ashtar Crew".

"HI...Ok last night after reading many alternative news lines I read an article about actual arrests taking place and breaking up the pedophile rings. Pizza gate with many involved politicians... Human trafficking and slavery of children...Geeeez Really is this going on to this extent? I guess my meditation mantra of, 'ALL CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST HUMANITY ARE NOW BEING EXPOSED AND ENDED' is working. Will see if these arrests get headline news. My question is this for ONE I guess or Ashtar: What the Hell happens to a PURE SOUL now as a person in a body that would actually commit these heinous acts against CHILDREN!!! pedophile and other terrible deplorable things?
Does the One or Ashtar understand the technology behind our birth Certificate Registration/Ownership bond etc.? Being explored by Winston Shrout and Boris and others. Setting. Thx."

Yes. A pure soul remains. It adopts a body, does not become a body. There are trials of souls/sparks/bits of essence. Sometimes agreements (are) made for the life to be lived, that include the role of perpetrator or victim.
Each of these choices, thus made, from the standpoint of no body feeling either extreme. (Note - from this I take that the choices are made prior to birth. Sophia) From that standpoint, no pain or shame is felt - it is all supposition and agreement to explore possibilities and personalities.
The outcomes are seen as possibilities only - not entirely felt.
Nothing "happens" to the soul beyond growth and expansion. In some instances, the pain experienced on either end was too much. These souls retreat for so very long. Some are recycled due to damage felt.
It must be remembered, that in order to appreciate the true value/perspective of each journey, that each soul is eternal. A creator being appreciates all edges and possibilities.

(This is an answer to the last part of this question, regarding Birth Certificates. Sophia)

This value placed into an official bit of paper is a human game and part of the backdrop for complete slavery. All things labeled as official or wielding value that can be counted, are circumstances of the arrangement here - owners and slaves. None are true. This seems to answer the question.

Thank you.

Here is another question. It is again directed to the "Ashtar Crew".

Go ahead then.

"As always, I am grateful for the work you do along with the truth and spiritual mentoring that comes from it. One of the best things I did last year was sign up for your weekly newsletter. Thank you."

Re: the Ashtar Crew, I was excited and intrigued hearing from this group. Like you, I felt the truth and decency in the words. I also sensed "the break of protocol" to come forward and help "turn the light on." For this I am thankful.

I tend to be a bit verbose and instead will jump right into the questions for Ashtar Crew:

Can you comment on "who" leads your entire group and the "commander's intent" (mission purpose)?

Can you provide a "high level" overview of what Ashtar Crew does here on Earth?

What can we (the open-minded light workers) do better to support future changes that benefit The Whole/One of our planet and her inhabitants?

Your mentioning of "secret government faction" reminds me of some information coming from the individual Cory Goode. Can you comment on the accuracy of Cory's information as it relates to Secret Space Programs, Inner/Hollow Earth and the newest information about Antarctica containing hidden secrets?

Thank you."

We can comment on these questions, yet do not choose the naming of single beings. There are many and they support and contribute to the definition of the purpose. Hence, the description of a "crew".
Our intent is played out in the work that we do here, the assist given to human life. This is done, has been accomplished, both physically and with warships and skirmishes averted and dismissed, as well as various messages given from our deep connectors to those receptive humans. You will note perhaps, that our name rests easy in your consciousness. It is familiar; you've heard of us in prior moments.

What is meant by "high level" we feel means an overview. This from a place not colored by human deceit or falsehood.
We can say that we assist in your evolution - inserting tech by way of ideas and coming to the tables of negotiations as the gatherings occur. We watch. We keep in touch with efforts "in the trenches" and proceed. Much of your current tech has been aided, if invisibly, by our comrades in arms. We are more places than can be told.

What we find most necessary and positive is an allowing. Many fantastic ideas will be presented to the human in these now times of shifting. If even a small percentage of you, not only believe these beings and subjects, but welcome and promote them, it will accelerate your transformation. This will take courage and a willingness to stand alone in a crowd.

This is a specific human. We do not pretend to know all that this human has said. We suspect, from the wording of your question, that there are revelations being brought forth. This is good. It must begin some place. Each will expose some of the puzzle - in the end the pieces present a new planet and players on levels previously un-reported to the public.
It is our job to assist with the acclimation and not verify or deny. The truth will be clear.

Thank you.

These words (that follow) are directed to those who were there at the beginning. There are numerous statements and questions. Please respond.

"If 'they' were there at the beginning of Creation, who, then, created them;
all these beings try to do is to deny that Creation was/is of the One Indivisible and Eternal God,
and try to attribute it to some unknown god, and that we are one of many galaxies, etc.,
and that this Earth is not a special Creation of the Lord God;
and further, that this loving God is a 'bad' 'god' -

"There was a time in your history when consciousness, in full knowledge, disregarded the sovereignty of another to satisfy its own needs. Even this was done; it was felt, at the demand of a needy god."

God never demanded to be worshiped; all of us have Free Will;
These beings are of the dark; ask them from where they come from in truth,
and see if they even answer that question or dance around it;
remember the 'dark ones' are legion; they are a plurality, as God is a Unity, a Oneness;

Why do so many believe in these channeled beings and not in the Sublime Reality of Jesus Christ;
it is beyond me, as these beings talk and talk but never deliver;
because they can't, all they do is lead people into their dark ways;

Please be careful with 'them'...
With Love"

It has not been the intent of this reaching out to mislead any human.
Beliefs are held to be true by some and not others. These are earth/human beliefs. It can be said, and is worth noting, that they are held while the human is subjugated in an experiment in consciousness that uses slavery and a subservient mindset to its advantage and for the benefit of the continuation of the experiment.
There is no requirement to worship, to worship is man's choice. The creation of man as a component of life is no more miraculous or less divine than the creation of man via birth.
The component, perhaps not clearly specified, is that all beings begin with source and are results of varying degrees of discovery and exploration.
Life exists as an expansion of that origin. There has been no denial in the specifics given for humanity.
They exist with a broader view of life itself.

Thank you. You are complete then? It doesn't feel like it.

Yes. We are uncertain it will satisfy - yet that is our response.

This next question can be answered by anyone.

"Out of curiosity, do other beings keep pets? Not domestic farm animals, although I'm curious about that, too (but am frankly afraid of the answer), but companion animals. I've never heard any mention of that. Is it true that our animals are sent to assist, or at least partner with us in developing? Thank you for all you've done."

Some do, not many. The idea of holding a sentient creature is not common. It is done by, please forgive the reference, races and places not highly evolved.
If there is a condition for the gathering of animals for companionship, it is done freely; more so perhaps than done on earth.
Animals, as in other sentient creatures, are free to move amongst groupings of other sentient beings. It is difficult to advise you on this.
Mankind has so much to learn regarding life.
The hierarchy assumed in the question is very much human.

Okay. Thank you.

This last question is for those "there at the beginning".

 "Am a bit confused.
It looks like you are referencing
from a group? of people?
Love you..."

 Yes. We are representatives of a group. We were interested in the scientific exploration and definition and creation of life forms.
"People" would suffice, though not exactly as humans look today.

Okay. Thanks.

And that is all the questions for this edition! Thank you!

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

With so much love,


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