Final Event Energies Update: The Crossroads is here - April 25th 2017

Published by Love Has Won on April 25th 2017

From, Mother of Creation.

Greetings Love Beings, During these Glorious Moments of The Full Planetary Ascension. Currently, all on this Planet are being called into Right Action Per Prime Creators Commands, this means the final crossroads have arrived. All have a choice to choose and surrender to the heart or get lost and stuck in the program ego mind. There is inevitable events and energies which will be ongoing and create vast changes across this planet, which is quickly approaching balanced harmonics as per the Divine Plan. Humanity is in the Process of Becoming Fully Conscious, returning to their natural state, after over 26,000 years. Keep in your heart Some May leave the Planet in Numbers as we Proceed into Complete 5D Reality, WHICH IS LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT~ The reason for many leaving is the Intense Energy Increase that is Now Penetrating from the very core of Mother Earth=Heart, which is now pouring out through the surface of the planet, through vortex's and portals and getting assistance from other planetary bodies, as well as, from the Many Fleets of our Starships and Family cloaked in the atmosphere. Vast amounts of light are pouring out and in and is now being picked up by physical monitoring systems.

We are receiving lots of reports from many feeling this, especially those of the first wave, who are closest to this energy. During this Gateway at the end of April first, second, and third wavers will be stepping through into some intense portal energies as we move forward in the evolutionary process continuing to walk home into the light, into unity consciousness.This particular energy was set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for its release, you can see this with so many celestial events happening.

This Energy is Putting Intense Pressure on the program ego mind, which is what is termed darkness,or unconsciousness. In This shift of the ages, the program ego mind will be going insane and some will call this the final judgement day as the mind will turn on itself. While the givers those in the heart will be in pure celebration. As only those in the Heart will be able to remain on the surface of the planet and maintain the new earth energies in pure vibrational love frequency. The final throes and death of the ego is at hand (1111). The final process's and events are unknown and could occur any moment. Its best to remain simply in the present moment of now and continue to raise your frequencies of joy. Be Kind, Be Love and Show Up in the Present Moment of Now in Clear thought. This is your Divine Mission at hand as we move closer to all Dreams of Love Coming True and The Physical Manifestation of the Divine Decrees, YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!.The Crossroads are here, the energies will continue to amplify, upward we go. Thank You For choosing Love and Being Love. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Right Now, all of Humanity is in the Process of Becoming Full Consciousness. Some May leave the Planet in Numbers as we Proceed into Complete 5D Reality, WHICH IS LOVE EVERYWHERE PRESENT~

The reason for many leaving is the Intense Energy Increase that is Now Penetrating to the very core of Mother Earth=Heart, which is Connected to All Human Beings On Planet Earth=Heart. This Divine Energy seeded here By Us, is Pure Love Energy to Awaken Each Being on This Planet. This Was Set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for the Release of this Energy.

This Energy is Putting Intense Pressure on the program ego mind, which this what is termed as darkness. What this is accomplishing is the dissolving of the program mind, and then The Real Being Emerges from this Experience.

Although all On Planet Earth=Heart at this time Contracted for this, not all will be able to release the ego. So, then they must transform through a physical death. All Are going Home Into 5d Reality In the No Matter what, by Divine Decree.

The Crossroads here for all of Humanity are very Simple, Be Love and Choose Love.


Breaking into pieces, you stand with whatever is left, the very core of who you are,the diamond, the "filling" AHA THE TRUE BEING OF LIGHT AND LOVE....although you may feel alone as the process unfolds breaking the mind down, it begins falling away because love is present, it recognizes the illusion, and starts taking with it everything you "thought" you were and leads you to the heart of the being, feelings rush in as the true being emerges out of the seemingly destruction of a mind in a box, leaving you with the reconstruction to forge ahead in all its grandness, into divine intelligence.

The "mind",which projects outside and has low vibrational thoughts, dissolves so that the Divine Being can raise up into the true divinity from within, and begin once again "feeling", instead of "thinking", taking the True Being into a Collective Consciousness. A God Consciousness... Only the mind thinks [projects outside], and the heart feels from the inside, where God is there within only. Diamonds have beauty and elegance. They shine bright, and each facet holds its own uniqueness. Each of you have a beautiful diamond inside, waiting to shine on the planet. Each are the Miracle... the Magic... and each parts of this whole magnificent design. As you fall apart to be put together again, this is SO WE stand together as one~

 Now is the moment to assume your roles in the divine truth of your existence, which has no limits, boundaries or edges, and arise as a whole beautiful Diamond, just like the SUN!

The Grandness of just being, then outshines and true love fills all the space, all the gaps of being present in the light and cannot be denied, because divine intelligence is the Brilliance and Light contained within the human HEART and only through the HEART are we all connected as ONE.

The Natural State of the Sun is Brilliance, because its being true to itself, being true to oneself is the love within and pouring it outwards, living inside out and then outside back into love, all of creation, love everywhere present. Falling away, the old gets released back into creation and then grace is given as each light stands as a pillar of TRUTH.

When you go deep inside, you discover the diamond of yourselves this magical miracle of being present, shining bright you forge ahead, displaying your brilliant lights forth into a new story of love forever after, as ONE and uniquely expressed within the new Earth... The Kingdom of Heaven... The Eden in which together, we Will Co~Create in the Divine.

HUmanity, Allow your Hearts to assist you TO HIGHER GROUND, Where WE ARE ALL CONNECTED THROUGH OUR HEARTS, you have asked for us and so we came... and here we are... We Love You Unconditionally~

Love Mother & Father of All Creation and The First Contact Ground Crew Team,

in service to Humanity, to the Light and Love contained therein.


~when you walk in darkness with the mind, you are alone. Walk in the light, and We are With You, and we are all One in Love.


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