As We Shift - Whispering "Bullshit!"

Published by Sophia Love on April 19th 2017

Descriptions of a heaven and hell, a splitting/polarizing planet or a 3D/5D earth are still shouting division at us. Division is a lie. It is part and parcel to this constructed illusion. We are One.

We now require novel dialogue; with words like facet and tendency and choice and decision and progression rather than hopeless or evil or wrong or bad or sinful.

How many ways will we be led to believe we’ve done something wrong? What began with our elders, and moved to our god has now morphed into alternative spiritually evolved teachings.

In one way or another, we are still being told to straighten up and change in order to become “worthy” of heaven, 5D or a new earth. This, is the same bullshit we’ve been fed before.

Stop listening to anyone telling you that there is still something you have to “do” in order to become someone better. You are an infinite expression of love who is right now in human form.

There is nothing better.

What seems to be going on for us right now is a sort of “hunkering down” into who we actually are, warts and all. We can no longer comfortably pretend. We see clearly the dictates and systems of this earth/slave society. Its purpose, which is to maintain control and stifle brilliance and sovereignty, is not our purpose.

We are collectively hearing an inner calling. It drives us and changes our behavior. This call is not found in any text or heard from any outside authority. It whispers from within.

It is upon us to respond.


Decide how you now wish, desire and choose to live.
Contemplate what you are willing to change to get there.
Look honestly at which fear is stopping you from being there right now.
Forge a plan, take action, let go of whatever needs to be released, and move.

This is our world.

This is your life.

Progress is not made with fighting against. Expectations for enemies and faults are sort of place holders so that these unwanted things remain in our lives. They steal our focus from what it is we need to be working on; which is creation. This life we desire will not happen without our participation in its manifestation. In fact, it is delayed and delayed again each time we avert our eyes to complain and kvetch and point fingers and judge each other.

This is not a call to ignore what is wrong. It is, rather, a plea to utilize your authority to maintain and expand what is right. Perspective is everything. Keep your eyes on the prize.

There is nothing more powerful than a conscious and focused human. Our passion and creative ability is legend. This is why you came as a human, regardless of your other aspects. Everything you need to pull this off, and quickly, is inside you at this very moment. Let’s do this.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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