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There is a sense of responsibility that when recognized, colors the whole notion of forgiveness another way. Looking deeply into the concept of Ho'oponopono exposes a hidden, at least to me, level of responsibility. More on this in a moment.

First, let’s talk about creation, the Law of Attraction and who you are. You are a physical expression of love, with a unique frequency. Your signature is yours alone. You tune in and vibrate with everything else on your wavelength.

You are also human, with a long memory, lots of attachments and more than likely numerous habits. All of this happening as you rapidly evolve towards brand new frequencies. The “old” you occupies the same physical spot as this “new” you.

It’s like, back in the day, when you sat in a theater, watching a 3D movie without those funky plastic glasses on. Until you put them on, you were unaware of what else was available. Once you did, well, the rest seemed irrelevant. Whether or not to engage the film at that level was always your choice. The movie could be appreciated either way.

It’s not that you have to invent amazing – amazing is already here. Along with nonstop love, perpetual peace, creative collaboration, compassion, forgiveness, passion, acceptance and abundance.

What you do have to do, is let go of the “old”, or, put on those funky glasses and be willing to look again. Simply allow and let it in. This world you are in is the one you “vibe” with. It may take a while to adjust. We are building now, new definitions of the human. These can be found at a place called “Multi-faceted Are Us”. It is very much still under construction. This is the fun part & what we came to do.

So, back to Ho'oponopono. Here is the mantra:
I am so sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

A sovereign being accepts full responsibility for all of what shows up in his or her life. In this light,
“I am so sorry” translates to “I realize that I’m responsible for bringing ____ into my life.”
“Please forgive me” may sound like “Forgive me for adding to the drama with blame or ___.”
 “I love you” to whoever just forgave you. This could be yourself.
“Thank you” to whoever just forgave you. This could be yourself.

Last week, in this blog, I mentioned a situation of harassment at my workplace. After some consideration, I came to the realization that I had allowed it to go on IN MY PREVIOUS VIBRATION, and I’ve accepted responsibility for that without blame.

I had to let go of the attachment to blame and a host of emotional responses in order to see clearly the world at this new frequency. I could have remained the victim, even after the situation was resolved. This did not serve my intent, and so I will not. There are no victims or villains in truth.

Forgiveness now means an acknowledgement of what happened and of everyone’s part in it. My part was necessary for it to occur, so was his. I am indeed sorry for my part, but I’ve let it go.

The frequency I choose to tune in to is a whole lot freer. I feel lighter each day and am living more of the life I desire. I am still standing in the same spot. I just put on my funky glasses and it all looks new.

We have misunderstood forgiveness to mean a polarized emotion in which the “forgiver” holds something over the “forgiven”. A new imagining leaves us equally empowered and free. In truth, we are and have been both roles.

Let’s put our glasses on. Our world is recently presenting us with ample opportunity to embrace forgiveness. Let’s do so with something we humans excel at – with compassion. After all, it’s up to us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,

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