The Elite Have Turned Down The Chance to Change, Now They're Giving it Their All in This Final Push!

By Chris Beattie

In Simon Parkes' latest update (found here, 2 minutes in) he talks about how the evil elite have recently had the chance to change their ways, and let go of the power that they are quickly losing control of. Sadly, and not surprisingly, they have turned this chance down. Instead they have chosen to give it their all in this last final push for control of humanity.

They have chosen this path by a majority, this means that some may want to stop their evil ways. Hopefully they will defect and help humanity and the light to overcome these evil psychopaths.

As you may have noticed chemtrails have dramatically increased these past few days. Simon tells us (found here, 2 minutes in) that these chemtrails are now being combined with HAARP. I took these pictures at 7am this morning, they are starting the spraying process really early, and are carrying it on all throughout day. If you look closely at the chemtrails in these three pictures, you can see the feathered effect. This is the result of hitting these chemtrails with HAARP. This excites some of the particles within the chemtrails and activates them. Simon tells us that if possible where there are lots of these chemtrails, to try and stay indoors because the evils are putting some pretty horrible stuff in these chemtrails, more then there has been before.

At around 36:30 in Simon talks about how humanity can break free from the powers that were. He also talks a little about the Schumann resonance, and how the evil former controllers have "tightened the screw" and are really going all out to try and gain back power and induce fear back into the population.

By the sounds of the situation and current events unfolding, we could be seeing the changes we've been longing and waiting for sooner rather than later. My advise would be not to pick up the pitch forks and turn into the people we're fighting against, but try and give them a chance to change their ways once last time. Everyone has it in them to change. If they are truly sorry and want a chance to change, then in my opinion they should be given that opportunity. Not surprisingly, I don't feel too confident that they will ever take that chance to change, but you never know.

Keep yourself centred and strap yourself in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


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  1. I think they will fight to the bitter end , they are bipeds without conscious thought.
    no morels and extremely narcissistic.

    But there's always hope they will have a change of heart, they are having a hard time hiding, the word is spreading about who they are.

    Thanks for forwarding,
    love you Dad.