You have come from a seemingly distant land and willingly immersed yourself in a place that has no facility to recognize your gift. Like a bull in a china shop, it’s been mostly a disaster. Put that same bull in the ring, and all who see him appreciate his beauty, strength and magnificence.

We are sensing now our time to enter the ring. With anticipation we are waiting for our turn to run – brilliant and free. We can feel it, although it is still not visible to our physical eyes.

Feel the fullness of your own truth. You hold all the answers, you know the right moves; you spring from source energy. Ego is not what we’ve been told; ego is not when you are feeling and proclaiming your greatness - ego doubts your own divinity.

You are lesser than none.
~Sophia March 2012

This sums up today's emotions. And yesterday's emotions, and the day before that. There is an anticipation, a yearning, a knowing that whatever it is, a feeling or a thing or a person or an event, is right here and I will know it when it is encountered.

Perhaps it's the hype about this month, yet for sure something quickens.

There is both certainty and uncertainty. They simultaneously co-exist in my heart and body. All that I want to do is watch and anticipate. Sort of like waiting at the bedroom door Christmas morning... it is tense and so very thrilling. There is a knowing of the wonders just beyond that door, even without a visual.

Love yourself without doubt or hesitation. This moment fast approaching, (and I use "fast" relatively), it may be quite some time yet, is one in which you will declare your truth and your desire with all that you are. Trust. Know. Believe. Intend.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

With gratitude,

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