Market BUBBLE BURSTING: Wall Street losses spark global stock sell-off amid impending doom


BRITAIN'S top stock indices dived in Wednesday morning trading, following huge losses overnight on Wall Street, as investors appear to be losing faith in new US President Donald Trump.

America's S&P500 and Dow Jones yesterday posted their biggest one day losses since October, falling by more than one per cent amid fears the bottom has fallen out of the so-called 'Trump trade'.

Large industrial and bank stocks werre among the biggest losers, which have seen some of the biggest gains since the outcome of the November elections 

Panic spread to Asian markets and this morning filtered into the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, with both stock measures tumbling by by around one per cent. 

Experts are now warning this could be just the start of a looming market crash, that pops the equity bubble that has pushed stocks to record highs since Mr Trump was elected in November. 

Investors were buoyed by expectations the President would axe taxes and embark on a huge spending programme that would give the US - and world -economy a huge boost.

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