It can be helpful to understand the typical responses to change that are demonstrated by the people of different soul stages. This can help to clarify what is happening in the world at this time.

The infant soul’s response to change: Intense fear resulting in paralysis or complete autistic withdrawal. Here you might see an isolated tribal person, faced with a move to a big city, simply curl up in a corner and die. Violent, panicky resistance is also a typical response as is savage overwhelming attack totally out of proportion to the situation; for example an infant soul, threatened with having to evacuate their home due to fire or flooding, might fend off authorities with guns and try to kill them. Many infant souls are responding to this time of stress by engaging in violent terrorist attacks or simply senseless massacres in schools, nightclubs, and public arenas. They usually destroy themselves in the process. If they live they demonstrate no remorse.

A toddler soul’s response to change: Overwhelmed, confused, thrown off balance, disoriented, de-compensating, disorganized, stupefied, resistant. When toddlers are faced with change that they are unprepared for it and they come apart. Their careful civilized demeanor fragments and they either become insane, unbalanced, and confused or they react with belligerence and irrational resistance. This is the kind of response you might see when certain peoples are forced to desegregate, give up their guns, or whose traditional religious beliefs are challenged. They are typically the most fundamentalist in their beliefs. They are also quite noisy in their complaints.

A child or young soul response to change: They enjoy change but only with conditions and requirements. For example, the change must be a personal win or must represent a shift to a higher status for them, better conditions, or must have the appearance of upward mobility. At this stage change tends to be based on external conditions, a change in life-style, or environment. The current executive branch of the US government is not advocating innovative change but looking more to turn back the clock to the “good old days” of absolute rule and control. They will achieve limited temporary success but it is really too late for this strategy to work for the long run.

Mature or adolescent soul’s response to change: Mature souls actively initiate change and accelerate it. They get bored unless there is a great deal of change that might include travel, many different jobs, relationships, growth opportunities and so on. Sometimes adolescents like change just for its own sake. They begin to value internal changes within their personality, their perspective, attitude, and belief systems. Adolescent/young adult souls are only interested in innovative change, something that represents evolution, not turning back the clock.

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