Corey Goode Brief Update: Project Iceworm, Antarctica and Mars and Moon Base Construction

Note: In Dr. Sallas new article: US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program -…/. Some of the Military and Corporate (Lockeed etc...) R&D facilities are bases that are VERY similar but much larger than Camp Freedom that was built in Iceland in the 50's under Project Iceworm.

The space-port is an expanded former NAZI installation. The NAZI's have had several bases built across the SE and E regions of Antarctica. The reason Sigmund brought it all up is because I used the video of Project Iceworm in my CLE presentation. 

LOTS more going on in Antarctica that is not related to the ancient ruins.

The development and testing of weapons platforms is forbidden under the international treaties of Antarctica. Also, to be noted. Many of the early bases on the Moon and Mars have been built in a similar manner.



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