5 Vaccine Facts Few Are Aware Of...

By Jason Christoff

5 Vaccine Facts Few Are Aware Of...

1. Testosterone interferes with how the toxic metals in vaccines are removed from the system, therefore increasing the brain damaging effects of neuro-toxic vaccine ingredients purposely placed in vaccinations. This is why there are more Autism in boys than girls. Autism is brain damage via destruction of neurological tissue in the brain, spinal cord and digestive tract. (there's more neuro-tissue in the gut than in the spinal cord and this is why vaccinated children often present digestive dysfunction as a symptom of vaccine injury) In this case males are targeted specifically for vaccine brain injury, the strongest males (with the highest testosterone) are the most likely to be brain damaged from vaccines. http://bit.ly/2luovFS Are our strongest males purposely being targeted?

2. Tylenol is still advised to this day to be given to infants or children before and after vaccination, even though Tylenol helps shut down liver function, which in turn allows neuro-toxic and poisonous vaccine material to circulate longer in the body, maximizing tissue damage in all areas, including the brain. Tylenol is also proven to help transport brain damaging toxic metals in vaccines (like mercury and aluminum) across the blood brain barrier, to maximize brain damage in the vaccine recipient. http://bit.ly/2l72MTs Why would medical doctors be taught to advise Tylenol be taken, in and around vaccine times, when Tylenol is already proven to maximize vaccine induced brain damage? Who decides on what medical curriculum is taught inside medical schools? You may want to look into that.

3. A top government scientist who worked in the upper levels of The Centers for Disease Control (the CDC), has testified that vaccination with the MMR vaccine caused a massive increase in vaccine induced brain damage in African American males, over and above an already alarming level of brain damage in all children, across the board. This government official testified that this proven and scientifically verified data was destroyed by himself, other government scientists and top "health care" administers during a meeting where the destruction of the data was the official goal of the day. This scientist said he was told to bring a garbage can to the meeting, so the data could be destroyed. He did bring the garbage can with him, had everyone throw the data into said garbage can, left the meeting......and kept the garbage can full of data that proves vaccines cause brain damage in many children, with a greater brain damaging effect occurring in African American males. http://bit.ly/1Rmc9uR This also can be connected to agendas openly testified to by the scientist in the next added link, who declares publicly that he was employed by "governments" to develop bio-weapons that specifically target minorities. http://bit.ly/1Ze0EIE The additional brain damage in African American males most likely being related to a genetic relationship to higher than average testosterone levels. Why would the human farmers who govern us, want an injection that disables our strongest males? Connect the dots.

4. Although government officials, doctors and media sources openly parrot that vaccines don't cause Autism (a word that simply means brain or some other form neurological/nerve damage), the science is weighted squarely in the opinion that vaccines do cause Autism. Any person who declares that vaccines don't cause Autism, isn't doing their homework. http://bit.ly/2naInAp

5. Although parents are purposely blocked from getting real word information about the unhealthy, dangerous and sometimes fatal effects of vaccinations, many medical doctors and PhD scientist speak regularly against vaccination in some part or in their entirety. This information is purposely inhibited from reaching parents, in order to maintain failing vaccine mythology. A reward and punishment system (a control grid) exists where people are rewarded for parroting false vaccine doctrine and conversely attacked for speaking the truth regarding the ever increasing vaccine threat to our children. http://bit.ly/2naInAp

Do you know what's going on? Are you sure? Documents recovered from a private courier in the late 1700's in Bavaria (what's now Germany) testified to the fact that a group of businessmen and bankers intended to develop networks and systems to dominate world affairs and modify the global landscape in their favor. One facet of that goal was to target the strongest human specimens in all global societies for extermination, through fake wars and any other means possible. Once the strongest males were systematically eliminated, resistance over the long run would be lessened and global domination would in turn be lubricated. Maybe it's time people started connecting ancient history to the current genocide models being executed upon humanity by science, medicine, government, media, banking, the education system and the military. All working together to bring this ancient agenda about, in our modern time. The tsunami of sick and damaged children is not a chance happening.


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