Poof Update - "No one learns from being rescued. Just know that." May 7th 2017

Published by Hobie on May 7th 2017

Make peace with your ‘shoulds’ and your defiance and your insensitivities. Be aware of the strangeness of the times and recall what it was like when you were a youngster and people were kind and considerate and helpful, and neighbors were neighbors. Get your roots back and know that you have the wherewithals to do what needs to be done for whomever crosses your path. There are issues and then there are issues that were made into major blocks because of failure to honor the code — there but for the grace of God go I…. So the attention and intention needs to be upon the ‘what’s to be done by me as me’, for the benefit of another that isn’t out and out rescue. No one learns from being rescued. Just know that. You keep them in bondage for another period of time that you out and out rescue. The question that needs to be asked is: “what do you need to make the short term situation work out, so that they can proceed on their way?” Such a question brings the entire issue into focus. Do you ask that of yourself? Look at that again.

As far as the Prosperity Programs are concerned and all the other programs you are waiting for— they are slowly and methodically moving forward; once ground is gained it is rarely lost but it has never been enough with all things being equal to bring it to the Forefront Until Now. As more and more financial nuggets get placed in the right holes and more laws/regs and how-to plans are implemented, you will begin to see the furthering of intentions. It is a slow process; no one ever said it would not be and that point has been hammered for years. As far as the humanitarian projects, that too is being handled and is gaining momentum, enough that it might plop right into every one’s lap ready or not. There should not be too many more glitches in that program though it is so huge that it carries enormous weight legally and statutorily. If not handled properly it can be jerked in a New York second. Know that any one with deceit in mind should be in retreat right now. The vibes are out there; people know and analysts will know. Do not cross that barrier after all this.

Cheap money? No way; it has never been anything but high stakes and quite costly. Any one looking for cheap money has come to the wrong trough.

Pay attention; keep your skirts clean, do what you can, be sensible, use common sense, and hang on tight. All is well


Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=74831

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