Galactic Connection Update - "Richard Alan Miller: An Expanded Mind: Black-Ops, Magic, and the Holographic Universe" - May 2nd 2017

Published by Alexandra Meadors on May 2nd 2017

Dr. Richard Alan Miller is Alexandra's guest for this fascinating, quick-moving, often humorous conversation covering a world of topics that span the interests of this brilliant man. A whiz kid recognized in the 1960's by "Old Man Dupont", Richard is today, at 73, an effervescent personality with a cutting-edge mind who remains among the world's leading experts in a half dozen different fields.

Especially the fields of the paranormal, new age physics, and alternative agriculture interest him today. He also has written extensively on our "holographic" realities and altered states of consciousness, and often contributes articles to Nexus magazine. The interview moves quickly, as does Miller's mind, and his tales from the annals of parapsychology, military intelligence, and alternative culture are riveting.

Richard started early. In the 1960's he dropped acid as part of Timothy Leary's experiments at Harvard, hung out with Ken Kesey during the Merry Prankster days and peered in on John Lilly's pioneering research on dolphins. He spent years in black ops programs, especially Navy Intelligence, where he worked in "X-files" classified areas. He has taught magic to Navy Seals and metaphysics at Harvard. His own pioneering work on 'holographic' realities never made it into the groundbreaking treatment by Michael Talbot because of its classified nature, but few theorists have explored the full ramifications of the fact that our imagination creates our reality like Richard Alan Miller. His research on the extraordinary properties of "Fullerene water", water containing "buckyballs" of carbon (C60 or C120) also is given a fascinating treatment in this interview. His stories are unforgettable, and his insights into the nexus of science, magic, and spirituality are highly illuminating.

Among other topics of Richard's conversation with Alexandra are his background in the martial arts, the 'enteric nervous system', Morgellons, humanity's multi-dimensionality, Nephilim, drugs used for altered states, magic, bartering as an ideal system of exchange, crystals, how the layout of cities affects the jazz played there, and our human existence as "habitat". Along the way, Richard defines God as "that which cannot be known, but only experienced."

Alexandra and Dr. Richard Alan Miller have set their sights on a second interview, possibly in person, at his home. This will focus on his recent book, Power Tools For The 21st Century.

His many books may be purchased directly from his websites, which are:

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A few of his articles are found here:

"ESP Induction Through Self-Hypnosis"

"The New Directions of Mind Control"

"The Science and Promise of Fullerene Water"

"Synthetic Telepathy"

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