Destroying The Illusion Update - "4.30 - Is the MSM Seeding Our Consciousness Or Toying With It??" - April 30th 2017

Published by Jordan Sather on April 30th 2017

Situation Report

Mainstream Media is blowing up with more soft disclosure articles. Humans living 130,000 years ago, Antarctica galore, and more information about "potential life in space". Are they seeding our consciousness for our benefit, are they simply toying with us, or are they putting these articles out for another reason?

Mainstream Sources -
ScienceAlert: "Physicists Just Came Up With a Mathematical Model for a Viable Time Machine " -
New York Times: "Humans Lived in North America 130,000 Years Ago, Study Claims" -
FoxNews: "The wreckage of a mysterious ancient planet is orbiting Mars, astronomers discover" - "HISTORIC SPACE ERA: NASA on the brink of the most 'profound' discovery ever… ALIEN LIFE" -
Washington Post: "The Balkans are heating up again — and Washington is nowhere to be seen" -

Other sources -
ZeroHedge: ""The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated" - Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange" -

Source: Destroying The Illusion YouTube Channel

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