Galactic Connection - Five Healers: One Heart Roundtable: Healing in the Current Environment - April 19th 2017

Published by Alexandra Meadors on April 19th 2017

Alexandra Meadors conducts this roundtable discussion with four other healers who have gathered at Galactic Connection: Jerry Yusko, Geoffrey Rosenberg, David Rowland-Zaher, and Jeff Godfrey. Our extraordinary healers discuss their individual specialties and skill sets, and the larger paradigms that undergird their common service-to-others of healing here at Galactic Connection. The conversation focuses principally on the new hopes, insights, and challenges of the current energetic environment.

Our group commonly agrees that there is an increased need for individual disentanglement and that these pre-Ascension times call for all of us to stand in our own authority, if only eventually to re-align with others from a purer and more streamlined state of consciousness. A lifting of veils is evident in all walks of life now, and this manifests for our healers in the break-up of old patterns and paradigms, not only those illusory and obviously detrimental ones installed by archontic controllers, but many others that once proved useful to us. Those old models we now are outgrowing encompass concepts and terms on the one hand, and rituals and disciplinary practices on the other. Across the board, it now seems time for more spontaneous, fluid, and individual spiritual and healing practices. A personal and collective maturation process that merges knowledge and heightened personal experience now seems ripe and ready for the fullest fruition.

In this environment, there is perhaps a greater need for discernment than usual. Especially through the internet, we are awash in information, not all of it sound. However, even good and valid information may be misused or misunderstood if not applied with the proper context and understanding. The healers' role of going beyond healing to assist one in connecting and aligning with divine guidance and our higher selves enters into the conversation at several points.

Our healers also speak about themselves individually, their special gifts and how they employ them in services offered at GC. They discuss some complex and even controversial areas where a variety of understandings, congruent but not identical, may apply. Most importantly, does a healer have the right and permission to heal when this is not explicitly called for? A profound discussion ensues, exploring many unexpected avenues of consequence and grey areas often left unconsidered.

This is a fascinating conversation. If you have been considering enlisting the services of one or more of our healers, this is a must-see video. But for everybody, these will prove to be two fulfilling hours. This roundtable discussion will enlighten the listener not only to the many modalities of GC's wonderful healers, but also to the metaphysics of our multi-dimensional selves. It will also provide uncommon insight into the rapidly shifting energies of these historic times and offer indications for riding the incoming waves.

Source: Galactic Connection YouTube Channel

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