Published by ASCENSIONPIONEERS on Apr 17th 2017

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are deeply feeling a New energy wave. It’s a common belief among many that new waves of energy bring direct guidance manifestation, and yet once we understand how Creation Principles and cycles of Life truly are, we shall see that it’s not exactly so.

Each New energy wave is a harbinger of a new cycle, and that first initial burst of energy actually brings a strong clearing and a reset, which for a while makes us feel as if blindfolded. But that feeling is merely a temporary observation through our old perception which is being overwritten with the New consciousness.

This new integration then brings new levels of Soul sensitivity that will resonate on a higher scale of vibration and therefore cleanse anything from our system that is now no longer in natural resonance with our Soul embodiment. In Truth, that is a very natural process, and yet so few fully understand it in full Soul cognition. We may be transcending things that once used to serve us, and Now they no longer do.

Anything that still draws from duality instead of Unity consciousness is being taken into introspection, and Venus will show us how to integrate those consciousness shifts into our reality. We are on a verge of a really deep transformation of Spirit, if we only allow it. We can no longer do things or “follow” certain guidelines or content just because we got used it somewhere along the lines. We have to go set ourselves fully free and sharpen our senses and natural body Wisdom of Life force, for it knows everything we need to know!


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