As We Shift - You Are The Bad Ass

By Sophia Love 30th March 2017

These solstice energies have rocked my world. “Transformational” is a word I don’t use easily, yet it comes to mind.

As we contemplate what this shift will ultimately look like; we live each moment portraying it.

This is what I’ve come to appreciate since the solstice. Here is how that occurred, in 3 separate instances.

-After three years of subtle and not so subtle harassment at the workplace, I said something. I said it out loud. I said it to the right person. It felt like instant full consciousness. I just knew what I would allow, from that day forward, to show up in my days. The response was immediate and affirming. He’s gone.

-On two separate occasions, I healed myself. Once, I slammed my hand in the car door. Another time, it was what I’d call a psychic attack. In both instances, I got a hold of the pain and saw it gone. I didn’t stop until it was.

-A lucrative writing gig showed up in my inbox. Although I could do it, it was not in alignment with where I want to put my energy. It had to do with standardized testing. I refused it and passed it to several friends. They are happy for the work. When I did that, it felt the way you do when you put that last puzzle piece in place; satisfying.

These things may not sound like much, yet they are emotionally powerful and declarative. They define the world I choose now.

This world embodies sovereignty, health, empowerment, abundance and love. It is the only place I see myself.

There are lots of stories lately of mischief and attacks and technology still here that mean us harm. These stories are not false. It is not productive to pretend they aren’t really happening. Yet, as we hear them, realize that we never expected this to be easy. I suspect, if it had been easy, well, we wouldn’t be the ones here to take care of it. We are the bad asses. We came for this. It’s what we do, and we are not here alone with only our agenda. There are others. They show up occasionally. They have plans of their own.

Yet, there is no one more powerful in this reality than you. This is your dream, your choice, your manifestation. It’s all you. It’s all us. I’m not sure how to say this any differently, so I’ll repeat – no one here has any more power than you. No one.


Each of the times I was injured recently, my first reaction was to immediately succumb to it, to yell, to cry, to feel fearful. Then, something else showed up as a possibility. I got on top of the pain, almost as if I was looking at myself from another place. I washed it away with love. I sent light in waves through the suffering part and kept it up until the pain was no longer predominant.

I did that.

I don’t consider myself a healer or medical intuitive. I cannot see inside my body as to what is going on. But I know what love is and I know what my body is supposed to feel like. I refused to accept anything else.

Something is different energetically now. This was easier than it’s ever been. I am different inside of it. I said NO to what showed up and it switched quickly. It took effort, conviction, belief, intent and love.

It worked.

My world has changed because I changed it.

There’s a teacher I’ve just been introduced to who you may want to check out. Her name is Aurora and you can click here for one of her courses. I am struck by the simple and beautiful way she describes what is happening here and who she sees us as.

The video shared below is one I love and have used before. If you only watch it for the run through the forest, it’s worth it. “Let there be light”. It is all that there is, all that you are, and what you bring to the table. There is nothing capable of stopping you. You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,



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